New Medical Settings are Made where none existed before!

This category deals with the various Medical Settings, and the effect the digitalization has on that particular locale, or role. From the Medical Student, greatly affected by the basic way in which he or she learns medicine, to the Third World countries of Africa now within range mobile Healthcare  by telemedicine, and iPhone and its  peripherals, as well as portable ultrasound, etc.  From the Outback of Australia, where patients can consult with specialists in Sydney, to the mountains of India, where there is a saying, “…you can see an e-doctor, or no doctor!”

Doctor-Patient Relationship Affected

In addition, the very basic relationship of the doctor and patient will be affected, since the doctor will have more tools to help the patient learn, arrive at a diagnosis, or get treatment. The patient will be more informed, better educated, and equipped with monitoring aids to be followed by the physician at home. Changes extend to labs, pharmacies, the nursing profession, research, healthcare administration, and generally across the board in all aspects of healthcare.

Each particular Setting will be examined, and most likely, greatly expanded in the coming years.



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