Medical Apps: Software for Internet Devices

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Medical Apps Levages Internet Technology for Benefit of Healthcare

A Med App, or, application, as discussed on the “Medical Apps” page, on the main menu of this website, is simply software on a computer device, that is utilized by healthcare professionals or patients, for a medical purpose.  This page deals with Medical Apps, as a technology, and where it will go in the future.

Software programs, generally increase in quality over time, as will Medical Apps.  They will become more versatile, broaden the applicability,and probably be easier to run.

The medical app can be strictly informational, such as Epocrates.  Or the medical application can help perform a certain function, such as AliveCor app, which, along with the peripheral iPhone case, allows the user to do a one-lead electrocardiogram.  In both instances, the app leverages the power of the smartphone to accomplished its predetermined task.

The use of Medical Apps, some feel, will only increase.  Matter of fact, Dr. Eric Topol, Director of the Scripps Translational Science Institute, says he prescribes more apps than medications for his patients, at this present time.

As a technology, the field of Medical Apps is in its infancy.   No doubt, the use of them will only increase, because the power of internet technology, and power of computerization will increase, as it has for the past few decades (see Moore’s Law)

Whatever the impact, one can be assured that the field of Medical Applications is just starting to realize its true potential.


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