This applicaton that is essentially, a “Cliff Notes of Research in Medicine”, in each specialty.  The articles are summarized to be read quickly on the iPhone. It was created by two residents of Stanford University Medical School; Dave Iberri MD, and Manuel Lam MD.  Dr. Lam majored in computer science in undergraduate, so you will most likely be hearing from him in the future in Internet Medicine.

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Instant Heart Rate: Azumio


Just touch the iPhone camera, and get your pulse rate instantly; also works with exercise; can graph your pulse over time, and graph it, and compare to normals.


My Prognosis: Pregnancy App


A visually entertaining, informative pregnancy application, which deals with questions that pregnant women may have. Written by an Obstetrician, who noted that his busy schedule did not allow much time for patient education, the program attempts to inform patients, so they are well prepared for their doctor encounter.


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