We must have a common accepted language in the Field of Internet Medicine.  Let me outline our proposal to do so.  And, remember, this is an Open Source page, and you can leave your comments on the botom of the page, with your experience and knowledge.  We are trying to address as what we see that the sources of much of medical information is “…diverse in syntax, semantics, and structural representation….(or, simply, “Language”)”, so let’s all try to get on the same page, as far as communication.  In short, we are attempting to propose a new, consistent LANGUAGE of , what we propose to be, “Internet Medcine”.


Internet Medicine:

The field of Healthcare, as affected by the whole technology of the Internet.  Internet lately vastly improved in all areas with the convergence of Broadband, Wireless, Smartphones,  the Cloud, as outline by Topol MD.


Shortened form of “Internet Medicine”


Medicine + Administration


Field of Healthcare Administration as affected by all areas of the Internet




Mobile technology as appllied to Healthcare Aministration


The study of Medicine as effected by the Internet; in other words, Internet Medicine minus Healthcare Administration, solely Medicine


Same as eMedicine


Mobile technology applied to all areas of Medicine, including Telemedicine, and remote monitoring with sensors

Digital Medicine

Same as Internet Medicine


Healthcare (Healthcare Administration + Medicine) done through technology of Video screens


The practice of medicine done, not by phone, but by Video to remote areas


In this website, for purposes of targeted understanding, an “i” is placed in front of any term to denote “as applied to Internet Medicine”.  For example, “i-Cloud” is not trying to tackle the entire technological development known as “The Cloud”, but only “The Cloud, as applied to Internet Medicine. “i

Furthermore, “i-Cardiology”, is NOT the study of the vast field of Cardiology, but “Cardiolgy, as affected by the Internet”.


Again, your feedback is welcomed at the bottom of this page, under “Comments”



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