The Digitalized Lab

Internet Medicine is affecting the Lab functions of Medical Care, in many aspects, both in the lab and outside the lab in other medical settings. One of the aspects is in-the-field lab testing, such as being done in a Texas-based company, with their new application,

Most likely, many of the innovations and logarhthmic developments in microbiology will be forthcoming from the field of Nanotechnology.

Video of the Basics of Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology Will be a Source of New Lab Developments in Microbe Identification

A few of the applications of this relatively new technology in the lab setting are being researched now in a few locations in the USA, regarding Point of Care Bacterial Diagnosis Application .

A Texas-based company, called DxUpClose,  has developed a bacterial diagnostic system that uses electronic sensors to help patients quickly screen for a specific infection by counting bacteria and performing a rapid antimicrobial sensitivity test. Results of the screening and treatment recommendations can then be sent to healthcare workers’ smartphones within an hour. There is another FDA applicant, F Cubed LLC of Notre Dame, that is working on the  ability to test and diagnose viral, bacteriological, and fungal disorders during an initial patient consultation with this  application.  The science behind their application is the biochip traps which quantifies target DNA in the sample  of blood or bodily fluid in a matter of minutes.  Currently, this company’s application with the FDA just covers MRSA, but they project the next target as being other bacteria, fungi, and viruses.


Lab Tests Online: A Public Resource on clinical Lab Testing from the lab pros who do the testing.  For patients, mostly.
The website alerts patients what the lab tests mean, and what lab tests can be done, without the need for a prescription from a doctor.

The i-Stat: Portable Handheld Lab

In addition, the discovery of tools such as the iStat, pictured above,  has tremendously changed the place of Laboratory Medicine.

Many lab tests can now be done at the Point of Care.  It is no wonder that Abbott Lab bought out the first prototype of this tool.  Imagine how the lab business will change!  No longer will a doctor have to send specimens from his office to a lab!  WOW!  You can almost hear the big Lab companies quaking in their boots!



Tests can be categorized as “waived” from regulatory oversite if they meet certain requirements established by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA) law

The Dark Daily


-fantastic site about news in the Lab field


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