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iPads for Access to Medical Imaging, Patient Education, Patient Records

In Medicine, the Ipad has assumed a vital role in many ways.  Its power can be leveraged by use of iPad Apps, through the iPad Store, be it a iPad Apple, or iPad Samsung.  The iPad1, naturally, will progress to to be an iPad5, to continue the improvements, and probably expanding its role in healthcare.  And, the iPad Mini is coming on strong with a lot of physicians, because it can easily fit in a lab coat pocket.

 The Mac iPads are the same as the Samsung iPad to both leverage the power of the iPad Apps.

The iPad is a major tool of internet technology having a huge effect on the Healthcare Industry.  This device is becoming more pervasive and popular by the day.    It is a perfect tool for the doctor, since it is portable, light, and suits many purposes, from charting on the patient, as well as patient education, as seen on the above photo.   One can also access at the bedside other informaton regarding the patient, such as lab values, and xrays, CT scans, or MRIs.   There is one company, www.moderizingmedicine, that produces iPads tailored to certain specialities, such as dermatology and opthalmology.  Doctors are allowed to insert photos of the pathology into a patient’s chart!  The only thing it does not do is brew coffee. but those iPad Medical Apps are currently in development in the iPad Store!

Of course, there are security concerns for the healthcare provider, who may carry around in their hard drive confidential patient information. Enter EMR Software, such as  Dr.Chrono software, which tries to ensure security by a system of “double authentication“.

See the following webinar, led by the innovator from UC Irvine, Warren Wiechmann MD, of the topic, “The iPad in Medical Education”

In addition, the power of the iPad is leveraged by particular applications that doctors can use, according to their needs.

For Example, Modernizing Medicine, a company out of Boca Raton, headed by Daniel Cane (who was also instrumental in help popularize “Blackboard“, a world wide program for online teaching) has programmed iPads for Dermatologists and Opthalmologists, in their own special way according to each specialty’s needs.  See the following video to explain how it is used for Dermatologists:

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