Infectious Diseases

What is an Infectious Disease?

An infectious disease is a malady in medicine, where transmission occurs from one person to the next, such as Lyme Disease. In Lyme Disease, a tick is the party of transmission, that carries the Lyme Disease to the affected.

One can be assured that there is a huge impact on Infectious Disease by the influence of Internet Medicine, and digitalization of healthcare.  Because of Moore’s Law, of the power of  the computer doubling every 18 months, there is sure to be increased developments in Infectious Disease, because of the increasing power of microscopy, and the increasing availability of microscopic devices   In addition, there is increased powers of communication, as well as the decreased costs of microscopy, which will make the technologies even more attainable.

 As discussed in the Infectious Disease Device section, a simple iPhone can be used anywhere, as a darn good microscope.

Infectious Blog

That will have implications to rural areas and underdevelopmed countries.  The slides need not be read, but a photo can be taken and sent to a pathologist, or someone to read it in a nearby urban area.  The doctor does not havbe to be there.

The Infectious Disease community has some interesting blogs.  One is written by an ID doc, Mark Crislip MD, who has also written a book about ID, unforgetably named, “The Pus Whisperer”.  Now, how can you not be interested n a book like that, if you have a passion for medicine.

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Any outbreak of any infectious disease is immediately reported, enabled by the Internet Age, as shown above

 And with the increased availabliity in the world of Mobile technology, with virtually almost complete penetration of the iPhone all over the world,  there is improved communication about outbreaks of disease, everywhere, and it is reported almost immmediately.  There is one website, International Society for Infectious Diseases,  which is updated daily, showing outbreaks of any infectious disease, almost in real time.  The powers  and pervasiveness of the internet has changed epidemiology, allowing for organization to allocate resources, and improve disease eradication more effectively.


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