Government’s Role in Healthcare Today


    Luckily, the Obama administration is internet savvy, and some feel that it one of the reasons he was elected.  But, politics aside, his administration seems open to utilize the power of the internet in health care reform, especially since it may lower healthcare costs drastically, and may make the Affordable Care Act more likely to succeed, in providing universal health care


    Basically, universal healthcare is the health care plan to provide insurance for everyone in America.  Sure, in the past many elderly people and others had government health plans like Medicaid, but now everyone is slated to have health insurance as part of health care reform.  Now, that will entail many changes, which the internet may play a large role, in whether it succeeds or not,  And it may depend largely on the patient to utiilize the tools of the internet.

    Internet Medicine encourages the patient to go online for information to become a healthcare partner.  In the same manner, the patient can use the internet for access to information, about government healthcare rights, and the government healthcare benefits that are available, and gives the patient  the ability to examine healthcare options.  Hopefully, this website will aid the patient to use the internet productively and efficiently.

    The U.S. government has made a website exactly for these patients options and benefits at www.healthcare.gov.  This website is state-of-the-art, as far as design, layout, and efficiency of web design and function, and is easy to navigate, even for patients new to the internet.   The US government seems like it is making a good effort through the internet to help citizens to understand the various government health programs and services, and the U.S. government , in this manner, is certainly effectively leveraging the power of the internet to do so.

    On this website, the patient can examine topics such as:
    1) Find Insurance Options
    2) Get Help Using Insurance
    3) The Health Care Law and You
    4) Comparing Health Providers, and
    5) Prevention and Wellness

    The patient may not have to go down to an always-crowded government office to find out basic healthcare questions, because those questions may be answered online. Even to the patient who may not feel comfortable at the computer, there are basic, understandable options such as:
    1) Understanding Insurance
    2) Rights and Protection
    3) Insurance Costs
    4) Insurance Choices

    The government has a Federal agency dedicated to ” improving access to health care services for people who are uninsured, isolated or medically vulnerable” called HRSA, The Health Resources and Services Administration , an agency of the U.S. Department of  Health and Human Services.

    See this video which explains the role of this agency:

    At the present time, there is no “Live Chat” feature, which would truly make this site amazing, but that an option which the next administration might consider.



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