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The specialty of Family Medicine is sure to be impacted by the changes in Medicine brought about by digitalization.  Office visits will, hopefully, bring a more educated patient, and a more monitored patient, due to the technological changes outlined in this website.  The Family Practitioner can steer the patient to valid internet sources of education, as well as “plug in” some patients, for chronic diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension. 
 In the coming years, there will definitely be a non-invasive glucose monitor for diabetic patients, where the  serum glucose can be monitored remotely, from home, so that the diabetes is more effectively treated by the Family Practitioner.  The doctor will have a chart of the patient’s serum glucose for weeks, continuously, on the Electronic Record, which is wireless recorded.  
And for the hypertensive patient, there are devices such as the ViSi Mobile now, which continuously monitors patients in non-ICU settings, but it is inevitable that Family Practitioners in the near future, will be able to chart the course of that patient’s hypertension from the electronic medical record which recorded it from home.  Treatment should be more effective, in this manner, since the treatment will not be based on one or two spurious readings from that day’s visit.
For Family Practitioners who practice in rural areas, and treat pregnant females, the patients can be monitor by AirStrip OB remotely, from the doctors office, so that the doctor can make a decision, at times, to visit, or sent to the hospital, if there are any signs of fetal distress.
In addition, there will probably be created new subclass of patient that formerly went to Emergency Rooms, and were admitted to hospitals.    This new subclasss of patients will be monitored by Family Physicians from the office, and if needed, the doctor,  or a nurse practitioner will go to the home to evaluate that patient, and, if needed, will be sent to the hospital for further work-up.

Portable Ultrasound in Primary Care

See how portable ultrasound is now being incorporated in family medicine, in areas such as joint injections, etc.


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