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An EMR, or EHR, as it is sometimes called, is an Electronic Medical Record, or Electronic Health Record.  It is the digital form of a normal Health Record.  The importance of this tool cannot be understated in Internet Medicine.The EMR is NOT the iPad.  The EMR is the digital record kept on another computer device, called a “server”.  That server can accessed with the appropriate software, and be based in the physician’s office, or remotely on a server of a third party provider, such as
Practice Fusion (free), Allscripts, eClinicalWorks, Cerner, etc.  This medical record can be accessed, with permission, by any iPad, Smartphone, desktop or laptop.
See a great, simple VIDEO TUTORIALS explaining all about EMRs, or EHRs

Below is a chart of the top EMR software companies:
The EMR is a foundation of many of the benefits of the digitalization of healthcare.  Keeping in mind patient confidentiality, and security, the data in groups of patients’ medical records is, shall we say, pure gold.  It allows our new specialists, the Medical Informatic docs, to use the data to formulate valuable statistics, and allgorithms in dealing with the two basic pillars of Medicine: diagnosis and treatment.
It would aid if the reader have a basic understanding of the power of programs and computers, to fully appreciate the leveraging power, that could be introduced to determine many, many helpful statistics for the benefit of healthcare.  Medical data can be gathered, organized, and analyzed, on a world-wide scale, based mainly on data obtained from EMRs.

The benefits of EMRs is not lost on the US Government.  They are both encouraging US physicians through monetary rewards (Meaningful Use) to adopt this technology, and, on the other hand, punishing doctors monitarily if they do not adopt it (withholding Medicare re-imbursements.)

So, basically, the writing is on the wall, even if some doctors are resistent to make the change to EMR.  But it must be remembered, when the telephone was introduced back in 1877, many in the medical community said that telephones should not be used, because they carried germs, and were too impersonal, hindering the human contact of a good doctor-patient relationship.

Physicians are all, eventually, going to use EHR, after a short period of resistence. Younger doctors, who were raised in the internet age, are more at ease with computers, and are readily accepting of these type of internet technology.  Matter of fact, in August, 2012, the Medical School of University of California at Irvine, was the first medical school to introduce a 100% iPad based curriculum, with the iPads given to students loaded with the appropriate programs.  Therefore, the new generation of doctors will readily embrace EHR technology.
(from series EMRSimplyPut.com)

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-former Medical Director at Practice Fusion, left in 2012

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