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Today, Emergency Medicine is a specialty.  Formerly many ERs were staffed by family practitioners, general practitioners, pediatricians, but, not so much anymore, especially in the larger Emergency Medical Rooms.

The influence of digitalization has reached Emergency Medicine in many areas.  The Emergency Room is, and always has been, a big user of imaging studies to arrive at a diagnosis, and, as shown on other pages, including the Radiology section, the digitalization of medicine has improved greatly the science of imaging technology.
Now, many ultrasounds are done in the ER, for many reasons, to diagnose: gallstones, kidney stones; obstetrical problems, abdominal pain, vasular disorders, etc. There is less of  a delay in disposition, because some paitents do not have to  travel to another department to have the study. Now, some ultrasound studies are portable, and as examined in the “Emergency Devices” section, there is currently, under development, a powerful ultrasound machine that will stay in the ER, and is simple to operate. Matter of fact, Mt. Sinai Hospital of New York, has even started a one day program for emergency personel to get up to speed for doing bedside ultrasounds, which shows this technology is important in the ER.
CT Scans as well are becoming portable.  Many trauma cases in the ER are delayed, due to the need of a head CT, and it is sometimes very difficult, if the patient is not stable.  It is bad for the patient, and it stretches the ER manpower.  Portable CT’s will help this.
Any progress to speed up documentation and communication in the ER  is welcome.  The internet age has immeasurably helped with the necessary documentation of patients, events, and treatments, with the use of point and click programs on the iPads.  Now, there is another improvement for the ER Doc here now, thanks to digitalization: speech recognition. This allows the doctor to communicate with the patient, without being distracted by pointing and clicking. With Speech recognition ER Doc software, the doc can pay more attention to the most important person in the room-the patient.
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Portable bedside Sonosite Ultrasound is finding a bigger role in the bedside diagnosis of some common emergency problems. See the following video of the USC Trauma Center which has incorporated 12 Bedside Ultrasound Units in their superbusy trauma center

ER Ultrasound in Dx of Pneumonthorax

Specifically, watch the following video which shows the hands on method of diagnosing pneumo with a portable ultrasound

Portable Ultrasound Scanners Wave of the Future in ERs
Study evaluates iPhone x rays for nasal fractures in ER 

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