Smartphones Improves Communicaton and Education for Doctors

Soon, a smartphone will be carried by every doctor,  It is, essentially, a portable office.  It aids communication, education, research and is, additionally a tool for in-the-field diagnostic tests.  And, to protect patient confidentially, there have been software programs to comply with the latest HIPAA requirements.  See the following video with explains:

Doctors in this Internet Age are aided, as are Medical Students and Residents, with the benefits of both facilitated learning, as well as the provision of new diagnostic and monitoring tools.

The world’s best library is no further than the nearest computer device, for reearch on almost any medical subject.  In addition, there are many medical journals that are online.  Also, consultation with other physicians are aided by various website, and on-line consultations services.  Doctors in far-out areas are now able to consult with top specialists in all corners of the globe.

Various gadgets, such as the VScan, now aid the doctor in diagnosing valve problems, at the bedside of a patient.  Doctors are able to do EKGs in the field with iPhone attatchments.  Away from the clinic, the doctor is also able to do basic lab work, on the fly, with the i-Stat.  Doctors are enabled to monitor patients from afar with various sensors, which will only increase over time.


On the go, Doc?  See the New Medical Search Engine, ClinicalKey.  See the following video to see how it works.

See the following video to show the tremendous benefit to today’s i-Doctor on to keep up to date on online medical information:

See video of iPhone Software that make Doc’s Life Easier

DocBookMD  is HIPAA compliant that can communicate, doctor to doctor, safe, secure.

One can send X-rays, EKGs, and other patient information directly to other doctors for quick consultations.


-application to make the “sign-out” process of patient hand-overs,  safer and easier

Age matters for Doctors Adopting Technology in Medicine
Physicians: Managing your Online Reputation:
Great App for Secure Doctor to Doctor phone calls; also to Pharmacies

• Get Calls on your cell phone while your number remains private
• Send free unlimited HIPAA compliant secure text.
• One-click Connect to all physicians, pharmacies & hospitals in US
• Bypass answering services for referral physicians, to get more consults

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American Well

Add Telehealth to the Private Practice

Personalize Medical Research

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How Doctors Should Set Up Their iPads for Medical Uses
                            Another Good One from UK: Prodigy-Clarity 
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