The Internet Age in Medicine affects the way doctors communicate with other doctors in a multifaceted, multidimensional way. Of course, any such communication is better if the patient’s privacay is secure, which is why HIPAA got involved, and certifies programs as “HIPAA-compliant”, which means, basically, they can be used in any medical setting. Now, doctors can communicate with other doctors not only in a verbal dimension, but a visual dimension, as if being alongside the other doctor. One doctor is able to instantly send images, lab work, or other data, depending upon the internet adroitness of that physician, and the receiving physician can immediately give a consulting opinion. The digital age in medicine, then, improves the speed, quality, and dimension of a simple phone consult.
Below are a few of the HIPAA-compliant programs.

In August, 2012, was launched a Doctor to Doctor Consult website, HIPAA-compliant, byt the originators of the very popular  Daniel Palestrant, MD, and Adam Sharp, MD  introduced this website lets a physician conveniently get referrals from other physicians, and to, if necessary, consult with them online anywhere in the country, or even world. This program also has a comprehensive physician directory.  And the basic version is free.   The below video explains the program:


 Amcom Software

This software allows for secure “Texting” amongst, not only doctors, but hospital staff, to alert for events such as “Code Blue”, etc. See the following video that shows how this secure this commuication is possible

HIPAA-compliant, doctor to doctor communication, with great website.

See video of Secure: Compliant

DocBookMD  is HIPAA compliant that can communicate, doctor to doctor, safe, secure.

One can send X-rays, EKGs, and other patient information directly to other doctors for quick consultations.


A very popular site for doctors, is a website for doctors only.  A doctor needs to register, and his identification is veritied.  Included in this very useful website for doctors only are forums, case presentations, clinical rounds, the latest is medical news and the ability to communicate with colleagues.


DocBeat App

A HIPAA-compliant text service, in beta stage.  Allows members to bypass answering service with other DocBeat users, and allows for more rapid commuication amongst network.

An wildly popular website, for physicians only, recently bought from the creators of, by, a market leader in global data collection.  It has more than 130,000 verified physician members, who post on

wildly popular forums, ANONYMOUSLY using a fictitious user name.  That is probably the reason for its popularity, since physicians are not worried about censure, or lawsuits.  Of couse, all patient names are ficticious, as well.


The HIPAA compliant real-time video to mobile phone
or wireless tablet solution

See below video to see the real time video with JEMS

-great educational website, with case presentations, etc.


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