“Skin, skin is a wonderful thing,
Keeps the outside out and the inside in”

The specialty of Dermatology has more than embraced the benefits of internet technology in advancing the quality of healthcare in its field.  Dermatology is, perhaps, one of the mosts visual sciences of all the medical specialties, save Radiolgy, so any technology which improves visualization of any skin lesions is sure to benefit the doctor, and the patient.

One recent concrete example of this is the “Melafind“, a device which allows the dermatologist to more accurately, and non-invasively, diagnose lesions suspected of biggest enemy of skin diseases, malignant melanoma.

In the words of Dr. David Pariser, former president of the American Academy of Dermatology, “….every day patients come in with 20 moles on their back, and the dilemma is, which ones are suspicious and need to be biopsied?  The diagnosis of melanoma is the most serious one a dermatologist makes, and we have sleepless nights worrying about it”. (SOURCE)”.

This device was created due to a collaboration of aeronautical engineers and doctors, using the technology of guided missile navigation systems, and was just recently approved by the FDA for office use, and shows yet another example of different fields joining together in Internet Medicine.

Visualizaton imagery has improved to such a point, that dermatology has created a subspecialty, of sorts, nanodermatology.  Imaging has improved to such a point that resolutions between molecules is acheved.  This fact, of course, will definitely improve the more accurate and timely diagnostic abilities of the dermatologist.

The internet provides many resources for either the doctor or patient to view images of suspected dermatologic disease.  We have dedicated a Dermatology Website page for this benefit of the viewer to find great resources, and innumerable images. Tto show the human, and educational side of Dermatologists, there is a Dermatology Blog page.  And, there are also Dermatology Applications for any Smartphone, for use by dermatologists and patients, including the very useful Skin App, which is a useful screening device for skin pathology.


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