Millions of people worldwide suffer from depression, and many of those people may not even know it. In this day and age of technology, medicine, and knowledge comes the power to overcome and cope with this sometimes-debilitating condition, whether you are mildly depressed or have a more severe case. There are many great apps in the App Store to help you with this condition, and I have created a list with just some of those that will at least be of some use in your fight against depression.


    • mym3

      by M-3 Information, LLC

      mym3 is, essentially a log, which one reports symptoms of anxiety and depression, such as in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and major depression, bipolar disorder, etc.  Progress or Regression is noted.time.



    • Sad Scale

      by Deep Pocket Series LLC

      Sad Scale is a series of question, which are stored for sharing with you mental health counselor


    • Health through Breath – Pranayama

      by Saagara

      Controlled Drepression through breath control, or Pranayama,  “control of the life force”, with music to help soothe and calm


    • eCBT Mood

      by MindApps llc

      CBT, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, an old school of thought in psychotherapy, which analyzes the thinking behind the depression; assess mood, answer challenging questions about mood and thoughts. 


    • Moodifi

      by Wellifi, LLC

      Moodifi is a mood tracking, and logging device, arranged in “clusters, of dpression, anxiety, and mania.  Tracks medication, email to whom you choose.


    • FitnessBuilder

      by PumpOne

      Straight out Fitness App, which helps some patients


  • Live Happy

    by Signal Patterns

    Gratitude Journal, uplifint photos, appreciation app.  And, they appreciate that you laid out cash for their app, the kid needs a new pair of shoes.


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