Medical Convergence

Outlines how the factors of Convergence are changing Medicine and all of Healthcare

Eric Topol MD, a cardiologist currently at Scripps Institute in San Diego, writes in the above book about the factors of “convergence” we speak about on this  page.

When he speaks of the factors of convergence, he is speaking of the factors of Internet technology which “converges” at this point in our history, to lay the basis for BIG changes in the Healthcare Industry.

Our lives have …”radically transformed throught digital innovation…”,creatively destroyed”…as he says n the title  of the book.

This radical innovation touches virtually all parts of medicine, and affects most clinical settings, as well as hosptial administration.

And, he writes, these technological factors have come together at a time that is critical in American Health care; exorbitant costs, eating up the American economy, and destined to get worse.

The American Health Industry, heretherefore, largely unaffected, unlike some other industries that have changed radically, needs to embrace the digital revolution, and make changes for both the betterment of the quality of health care, and the killing costs of it.

 There have been changes.   This website wants to document, in real time,  the digital changes in medicine  that have occurred, and are occurring,   for consumers and health caretakers to see and understand. Consumers NEED to understand, because they are a vital part of the whole process of change in the healthcare system as you will see.  And, it would behoove healthcare workers to understand the changes, to leverage those changes, for the betterment of their patients, or consumers.

Now, these converging  technological factors are:

1) Smartphone

2) Wireless Technology

3) Broadband

4) The Cloud

5) Social Media

6) Big Data

     7) Mobile

8) Genomics

All of these factors will be explained in detail in following pages, but they happen to mature and to  “converge” at this time.

These factors foster rapid developments and will offer physicians today great tools to use in the diagnosis monitoring,  and treatment of disease. It will truly be, once again, an exciting time to be a doctor, and a better time to be a patient.


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