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The  Asthma apps or Asthma Applications  are varied; some educate, some monitor, some tell you when allergens are in the area.


Asthmapolis is probably the most popular asthma tracker.  Based in Madison, their website decribnes the mission of the company as follows….

“…Asthmapolis is using inhaler sensors, mobile applications, advanced analytics and feedback to help physicians identify those patients who need more help controlling the disease before they suffer a severe and costly exacerbation.”

Asthma Tracker by

Features: -Log your Peak Flow, Inhaler Puffs, FEV1 and Zone -Graph your data


Take charge of your asthma with asthmaTrack. Accurate records can be a powerful diagnostic aid.

Asthma Maze

 Find out which Food Additives or Cosmetic Ingredients can trigger an Asthma attack

“The ultimate shopping guide to decode the Food Additive and Cosmetic Ingredient Maze – Triggers for asthma



AsthmaPulse is an easy-to-use, comprehensive iPhone and iPod application that helps you

Living Well With Asthma

Welcome to “Living Well With Asthma.” This iphone application is a guide on how to live with asthma


Miniatlas Asthma

Amazing Anatomy application where you will be able to see asthma related images in detail


Everything You Wanted To Know About Asthma

Everything You Wanted To Know About Asthma


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