It is difficult to predict, as technology continues to improve, if each disease will have assigned an App.  But, for now, there are a few for both Diabetes and Hypertention, two of the most common disases in the world.  Probably in the near future, will be the development of a true “Killer App”, which will be a non-invasive way to measure serum glucose.

With both diseases, compliancy is an issue.  That is one thing the hypertensive and diabetic apps address.  Now the Smartphone are more common than toothbrushes in the world, it is a very good place to start to monitor compliancy.  In addition, the apps keep an eye on the patients diet.  Most programs have logs, so that the patient must do his part to make the app work.  In addition, the patient is able to transmit the data of his disease to the doctor, to improve communication between doctor and patient.  The doctor has a very good idea of what is going on with the patient, and the doctor may be the one scheduling the appointment, for example, if the pressure has been running too high, or the sugar is running consistently, so the patient need not come for that appointment next week.





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