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 Anesthesiology is multifaceted

Deals with  intensive care, critical care, surgery,  pain management,  and, most importantly, the operating room 

More specifically, anesthesiology is a medical specialty which has three major roles in the hospital

1) Pre-Op the patient, and provide Anesthesia in the Operating Room

2)  Put Lines in Patients (Swan Ganz catheters, CVP lines, IV lines, etc.) in the OR,  the ICU, and occasionally the floor; 

3) Do difficult intubations in the hospital, and routinely at surgery

4) Provide adequate anesthesia during surgical operations

The development of Internet Medicine affects anesthesiologists in all the categories.  
 During surgery, the patient needs to be monitored, so that there is sufficient anesthesia, and the vital signs and blood oxygenation stay stable.
With the advent of wireless technologies, the anesthesiologist can monitor patients, anywhere in the operating suites, with a device like an iPad.  Sometimes  the anesthesiologist is in charge of multiple patients, along with the nurse anesthetists, whom must be supervised by the attending anesthesiologist.  Supervision can be done wirelessly, and attention focused on any deviation from the normal of vital signs, or other variables of anesthetized patients.

Portable imaging devices aid the anethesiologists in putting in lines.  Portable cardiac  ultrasounds are now being done to visualize heart valves  at the bedside, with the Vscan.  With the rapid increse in  research in optics and sonography, technologies are being used to visualize arteries and veins near the surface of the human body.
See the other pages to see some interesting Anesthesiology Blogs, that give the human side of the gas passing docs, many of them entertaining and informative.  Also see the Anesthesiology Apps that are available, and check every now and then the “Anesthesiology Device” page, for the rapid creation of devices and gadgets that aid the Anesthesiologist in his role as healthcare provider.
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