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State of the Art, ICU Monitor.  Now monitors possess wireless, mobile connectivity to any device, so anethesiologist can check ICU patients remotely, as well as monitor, from the comfort and convenience of an iPad or iPhone, multiple OR patients, so that the anesthesiologist is keeping tabs of the all-important parameters of all his patients remotely.  At times anesthesiologist are responsible for many patients in the OR suites, so it is helpful to be able to monitor them from an iPad.


 BlueTooth enabled: Wireless stethoscope to listen to heart during surgery


The age of digitalization, and the increasing use of the Ultrasound in the Emergency Room, has brought to the fore, the use of the Portable Ultrasound to guide the insertion of a procedure that the anesthesiologist is frequently called to do, the insertion of a “Central Line”, most commonly in the subclavian area.

Here’s a video which shows this procedure:



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