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Anaesthesia and Critical Care Blog

Author: Dr. Laszlo Hollo
Description: “A privately maintained site about anaesthesia and critical care.”
Quality: It has been regularly updated since 2006 by a Consultant Anaesthetist at Kettering General Hospital, Kettering, UK.


Great Z`s Blog

Author: ZMD
Quality: ZMD is an anesthesiolgist who has an active practice in a major metropolitan area, and has humorous online store! Aneology


Notes of an Anesthesioboist Blog

Author: T.
Description: “Wherein an adult student of oboe chronicles her adventures in music, medicine, and faith, and other stories…”
Quality: Notes of an Anesthesioboist has been nominated in the category of “Best Literary Medical Weblog” for the 2008 Medical Weblog Awards.

The Anesthesia Blog

Author: Unknown
Description: A blog about anesthesia, anesthesiology, anesthetists and other things related to gas and the passing of it.
Quality:It has been updated since 2008 and has clear contact information.

Author: An anesthesiologist in Israel
Description: A blog about the practice of an anesthesiologist.
Quality: Member of the Healthcare Blogger Code of Ethics.

Burned out middle aged Anesthesiologist

Anesthesiologist, Published Author from Atlanta Georgia

New anesthesiologist practitioner, anonymous from Boston, sincere, heartfelt




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