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    Like Diabetes, education is very, very important for those afflicted with Hypertension. Below are a few medical apps for the iphone4, as well as the new iphone, and iPad, that educate the patient as to what is hypertension, but offers charting, graphing for the iphone, all can be purchased at the app store, online.

    The  BP Tracker Lite – Blood Pressure Tracker app is one of  the most powerful blood pressure tracking tools enabling the user to log their BP, medication, HR and other information.

    The BP Tracker Lite app offers graphing, regular reports, and tips to maintain a good Blood pressure.  Free.

    The iBP Blood Pressure app for iOS devices, a blood pressure tracking an analysis tool that uses coloured icons to show when the users blood pressure is normal, high or hypertension, and delivers an interactive graph so the user can show their weekly/monthly/yearly along with time of day.


    The IBPTouch blood pressure tracking and reporting app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, an app that delivers to the user an easy to use interface so they can track, chart and report their blood pressure readings.

    The IBPTouch app features a high memory  database, multiple blood pressure entries a day, readings auto-timestamped with entry date and time, reports can be emailed and if charts are saved as an image they can be emailed as well.

    The HeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker app, an iOS app that is one of the highest rated and reviewed apps in the App Store due to the app’s easy of use for quick tracking and recording of the users blood pressure, weight and resting heart rate.

    The HeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker app allows the user to track systolic and diastolic blood pressure, resting heart rate (Pulse), and weight, auto- calculates mean arterial pressure, pulse pressure, and body mass index, exportation of fully formatted report in text or spreadsheet format, and importation of existing data from other apps. The HeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker app can be downloaded to your iOS device for $0.99 from iTunes.

    The Health Tracker PRO app one of the most comprehensive and complete health tracking apps available in the App Store, enabling the tracking of blood sugar, blood pressure including systolic, diastolic, resting heart rate, and mean arterial pressure, and a body mass index.

    The Health Tracker PRO app features a simple and intuitive interface; colour codes values and indicators, track weight and height, health trends graphs, and customisable export to send reading records to yourself or doctor. The Health Track PRO app is available for the Apple iPad,








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