We are excited to announce the beginnning of GLASSMED Weekly, a Hangout which will discuss New Tech in Medical Settings, including the extensive use of Google Glass : March 4rd, TUESDAY 9:00pm EST, For more info, see their WEBSITE

There will be a video screen as well as a Tweet Chat box, so the visitor can comment, and ask questions of the panelists and host.  And you can always post any news on the Hashtag #GlassMedWeekly.


The team from Evermedresearch.org is the force behind this GlassMed weekly.  See HERE for the team.

What comes tomorrow for EMR’s?

Are you ready to bring Kinect into your exam room? Handsfree control of your patients chart, bringing increased patient engagement in care decisions by a rich multimedia interface for their health information. Unique new interfaces for displaying and interacting with patient data including; flatscreen TV’s, Chromecast, Kinect, XBOX, Tablets, Smartphones, Smartwatches and Glass.

(evermed) is a core cloud based EMR system for recording, storage and retrieval of patient information. (evermed) is accessible from any device with a web connection and browser, decrease hardware costs in your practice by utilizing technology you already have and use everyday. (evermed) is also accessible to your patient’s and their family members for coordination of care and open access for patients to their medical record.

A new vision for interaction with medical information from both healthcare providers and consumers. Patient charts with multimedia for improved documentation and problem management. (evermed) is a POMR(problem oriented medical record) first envisioned by Dr Lawrence Weed. Problem documentation is augmented with video and picture data.


With (evermed)’s suite of solutions you can find a fix to your headache’s in any care area you practice. Would you like to complete your documentation at the point of care instead of walking to another area to access a computer terminal? Document with the tools you already carry, your phone, tablet, Glass or smartwatch.

In addition to core EMR features, (evermed) modules include Glassware developed specifically for use in pharmacies, either as an order verification system, compounding documentation and verification or as a tool for pharmacists on rounds, (evermed) provides solutions to some of today’s most difficult problems.

Exam room

(evermed) integrated care solutions for any practice area, wearable augmented,



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