We are excited to announce the beginnning of GERO LAB Weekly, a Hangout which will discuss  the API of Gero, and answer questions from viewers, For more info, see below, and see their WEBSITE.  The exact time is TBA this week.

There will be a video screen as well as a Tweet Chat box, so the visitor can comment, and ask questions of the panelists and host.  And you can always post any news on the Hashtag #Glassmed.



GERO Lab is a crowd-research platform that enables high frequency data collection from accelerometer in your mobile phone. Collected data will be used for GERO Lab project studies of indicators of slowly developing diseases in correlation with human locomotor activity.

Our goal is to create a technology for early stage diagnostics of age-related conditions through analysis of everyday activity. Our primary focus is on specific neurological, psychiatric and metabolic conditions, especially on Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s disease, Depression, Hypertension and Diabetes type 2.

We’re maintaining a research to be able to identify early stages of these diseases and estimate related health conditions trends, which would potentially be allowing for patients to evaluate their treatment efficiency. We are already able to approximate these parameters with a high level of accuracy and provide personal reports to our users.

In order to make our technology more stable and accurate we are looking for more participants in our research.

To complete research we need 5 days of accelerometer data. Phone power consumption will be significantly incresed during data collection.


Participate in our studies and help our research
Be able to receive metrics of neurological state and potential health conditions
Stay aware of our recent findings and share your feedback
Be the first to try discovered features of the locomotome research




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