NanoMedical Device and System Design

Frank Boehm worked for ~17 years as a Senior Mechanical Designer for a multinational automated assembly systems corporation. He was involved with the creation and development of dedicated complex tooling and mechanisms for interfacing with a variety of robotic assembly infrastructures. Frank has been engaged in Nanotechnology and especially with Nanomedicine since ~1996, and has envisaged concepts and developed designs for a wide array of near-term (~3 to 5 years), and longer-term (~10 to 20 years), Nanotechnological and Nanomedical components, devices, and systems. He is currently in collaboration with a number of International Nanomedicine researchers from various Universities and research facilities who are together implementing a widely diverse range of expertise with the aim of transforming his innovative Nanomedical concepts into tangible and beneficial real-world medical platforms. To date, Frank has written over 500 pages as relates to his Nanotechnology and Nanomedical research and concepts, and has recently signed with CRC Press to generate a text that will explore in depth Nanomedical component, device, and systems design issues.

NanoMedical Device and System Design

About the Author
Frank Boehm has been involved with nanotechnology and especially nanomedicine since 1996, which has inspired the development of numerous concepts and designs for advanced nanomedical diagnostic and therapeutic components, devices, and systems to potentially address myriad disease states. His aim is to develop and transform these concepts into real-world applications for global benefit. Over the last decade, Frank has managed to engage the interest of Canadian, U.S. and International researchers in his nanomedical concepts, and in 2009 he formed the startup company, NanoApps Medical, Inc. The aim of this company is to investigate and develop advanced, innovative, and cost-effective nanomedical diagnostic and therapeutic devices and systems for the benefit of individuals in both the developing and developed worlds.


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