Therapeutic App for the Treatment of Enuresis & Bedwetting

The ‘Enuresis Trainer’ app has been created by a childhood psychiatrist and paediatric urologist to treat Enuresis and bedwetting in children easily and effectively by providing fun challenges for the child to complete.

Madrid/Spain. February 2014.– Childhood psychiatrist Dr. Kazuhiro Tajima, and TKT Brain Solutions, the popular iOS app developer, have today announced the launch of the new Enuresis Trainer app for the iPhone and iPad.Enuresis Traineris a therapeutic app for the treatment of childhood enuresis and bedwetting and is available to purchase today via the Apple App Store.

Enuresis is defined as a failure of voluntary control of the urethral sphincter in a child who has never been able to reach an adequate sphincter control in the past. The prevalence of enuresis is 15%-20% in childhood population. Bedwetting is a common cause of isolation in children. The association between ADHD and enuresis has also been reported in many studies.

Almost every child al around the world will wet the bed at least a time in their lives. This is due to Enuresis, which represents the failure of voluntary control of the urethral sphincter.  Based on the fact highlighted above, it is safe to say that a way to get children treatment and control over their systems should be developed in such a way that it will make the job easier for both the parents, but also the children in cause. This represents the reason why the Enuresis Trainer application has been developed, in order to provide a way for parents to share results with their doctors, but also to track important information.

How the Enuresis Trainer AppWorks

The Enuresis Trainer app assistschildren with bedwetting by helping with daily control and rewards such as stickers for days when bedwetting does not occur. Parents can easily monitor their child’s cycle with the inbuilt interactive Bedwetting Calendar. The calendar is based on traditional cognitive behaviour modification therapies and in positive reinforcement systems. By allowing the parent(s) to set fun challenges, such as setting the sticker rewards to specific days, the child feels rewarded when they complete the challenge and also gain confidence.

Here are the key features of the Enuresis Trainer app:

·         The Bedwetting Calendar tracks if the night was dry

·         Gives parents a place to record daily progress through the treatment program

·         The app increases motivation in children as it’s a child-friendly motivational tool

·         Provides parents with a simple and convenient way to share progress with their doctor

·         Feedback on performances relative to their own scores

·         Children can access to the app at any place or time, day and night

·         Reduced price.

The app which has been released on the 7th of February 2014 on the App Store represents a great way to track bedwetting and the cognitive behaviour of children in order to influence a positive system, as well as giving parents a great place to record the daily process made through the treatment program. Together with this, the app also represents a great way to share progress with your doctor, but also a great way to motivate your children in order to try their best and control their urethral sphincter.

Here are some 5 star App Store testimonials from parents that have already tried out the Enuresis Trainer app:

“Bed wetting can be a big problem for children and their parents alike. It’s also kind of embarrassing for children, which is part of the reason it’s so hard for them to stop. But this app really gets to the root of things and helps kids to want to get through a night without wetting their bed by giving them rewards. It’s great to have something other than just parents telling their kids they can do it and that they will overcome their bedwetting problem. I love the options for different kind of stickers that fit any kid’s personality.”

“This app has helped my child a ton! It is a child friendly app that gets right to the point. Every day, my son and I use this app together to enter his daily control. He loves getting rewarded with stickers and encouraging words. His favorites are the monkey and robot stickers. After looking at the calendar, I can see that progress is being made. I fully think the encouragement of this app is a big reason for that.Great app and highly recommended!!”

The Enuresis Trainer app fully compatible with all pharmacological and psychological therapies and is available to purchase from the Apple App Store. Visit the app page here.

One of the features which makes the application even better from many points of view if the fact that it can be used in mild, but also moderate cases in order to give children a better knowledge and motivation in order to take the first steps to quit using a diaper. Together with this, the app is also suitable for school children who may be facing the problem as well.

In conclusion, the company has released a great app directed at fighting enuresis, but which is also at a low price in order to try and combat the condition, while the developers made sure that it would be fully compatible with all of the current pharmacological, but also psychological therapies needed in order to reduce bedwetting with children.

            If you feel like you’re in need of such an application, the download link to the one described above is the following:


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