Life in the Fast Lane Podcast Database 

-Mike Cadogen MD, the head of this very active blog,  is a leading figure in Social Media in Emergency Medicine, and seems to lead a very active blog community, and ER education community in his home Perth,
Australia, that will only become more influential in both the practice of Emergency Medicine in the world, and education of  Emergency Medicine in the world, the more pervasive the internet becomes in Medicine.


Annals of Emergency Medicine Podcasts


Medscape iTunes Emergency Medicine Podcasts Podcasts


EM Monthly Podcast Hosted by Amal Pattu MD  from the University of Maryland

-must join; extensive archives

EMCrit Podcasts (80 of dem rascals)

-both Cadogen and Weingart, the author of these podcasts,  are credits to their craft of Emergency Medicine; their obvious affection for it, leads them to be leading educators for ER Medicine in Austrailasia, and, through powers of the internet, influence other parts of the world.


-Sign up, and get a audio ER case, from Canada



Free Emergency Medicine Talks Podcasts

-must join, but, again, worth it; good collection

Emergency Ultrasound Podcast

-these podcasts are mostly concerning Emergency Ultrasounds in the ER, and their increasing use there

American College of Medical Toxicology Podcasts

-definitive website, has lots of other tools, including a Forum; must join to enjoy the full array of offerings



Smart EM


Emergency Medical Journal Podcasts (UK) 

-good Emergency Medicine podcasts from the UK

Pediatric EM Podcasts


Grand Rounds Podcasts from University of Wisconsin EM 

-super learning tool, wide variety of clinical scenarios; also has a great  Medical Video Library

Emergency Medicine News Podcasts

Doctors Unplugged

-very, as we shall say, unusual blog,  questions the role and duties of physicians, by asking such questions as   “You want me to look at what”?


University of Oregon ER Toxicology Podcasts,


BMJ Emergency Medicine Podcasts


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