Dermatology is the study of diseases of the skin and mucous membrane  of the body.  These blogs show a few aspects of dermatology; the human side, where one can see inside the life of a dermatologist.  There are also strickly educational blogs and blogs about individual practices.  check them out!


Fantastic Web site, and exactly why the Internet can be a great source of reliable medical information.  Has an “Ask a Question” feature, for free, and well as Dermatology Forums. One of the BEST, if not the best Dermatology Blogs on the Net.

We have heard of “Word of the Day”, but Dermatoblog has “Lesion of the Day!”  Written by medical professionals

 Written by the  editor of the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology.  Authoritative, Academic Blog.

“My rash was featured on the Nightly News!”  Lots of skin care products, from Dermatologist Blog

University of Texas Dermatologists; for residents and students

Skin Health Made Insanely Easy, by Digital Doc Dermatologist from San Diego  personal, interesting, aesthetic blog, good photos, videos

See following video on Teledermatology,  increasing in popularity

Health made insanely simple by your digital doctor, Jeff 

Can we talk Warts now?  No, a serious dermatology site from NYC.



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