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A physician and a global health expert from UC Berkeley teamed up to create First Derm, an app with the mission to increase the accessibility of dermatology around the world. With this app, users take two pictures of any skin problem, describe their symptoms, and press send. The case is securely sent to a board-certified dermatologist. Within 24 hours the dermatologist will respond with the likely identity of the condition, “first step” treatment options, or whether the problem requires an immediate visit to a doctor in-person. The service has already helped over 9,000 people around the world get personalized information about their skin problems. The app is available on iOS, Android and the web.


This wonderful dermatology app basically analyzes a picture of a skin lesion, to determine if the lesion is suspicious, and, if so, should follow up with a dermatologist. It is thought that a program like this would both make a patient more aware of his skin health, as well as actually increasing the number of patients seen by a dermatologist..

Vinod Khosla, a noted venture capitalist from Silicon Valley, predicted that “…80% of doctors will be replaced by algorithms...”, perhaps referring to the above app.  . Bryan Vartabedian, a Pediatric GI doc blogger from Baylor replied that “…doctors roles will be radically redefined, rather than outright displacement…”.

University of Michigan Health System offers skin cancer app

(July 12, 2012) Physicians at the University of Michigan Health System launched an app for patients at-risk for skin cancer to use at home to self-exam their moles and other skin lesions over time. The free app, called UMSkinCheck, is just the latest in skin cancer tracking and near-diagnostic apps to hit Apple’s AppStore in the past year. UMSkinCheck is available for iPhone and iPad users.



Wonderful app, which shows the imporantance of good photos to identify skin pathology. See the following video which explains how to use this app on a smartphone.



These apps for the iPhone and iPad are designed to help physicians evaluate and diagnose a wide range of dermatologic diseases and conditions. Because an accurate diagnosis of many skin conditions requires physicians to recognize key visual symptoms and clues, the images and references incorporated into these apps make them ideal point-of-care tools.


This Has 40 of the most common skin lesions, with image, diagnosis, and treatment.

A2Z of Dermatology

wide range of topics in dermatology, from live cases.

Visual Dx

Tons of Pictures and pearls of wisdom

xSCC Skin

This application deals only with squamous cell cancer.


Dermatologists and Programmers made this application; may be the future of some areas of healthcare.


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    The app, a free download, aims to be as user-friendly to physicians as it is to patients. Klara has successfully resonated with European and US consumers with more than 130,000 app downloads.

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