Cardiology is perhaps the biggest beneficiary of all the medical specialties regarding the positive changes brought about by Internet Medicine..  No specialty has been so blessed with the multitude of devices and improvements in technology that improves the abilities of diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment.  Specifically, we speak of the following ground breaking devices, which are vastly changing the field of cardiology.

    The Vscan

    The VScan is a portable, wirelss hand-held gadget, about the size of a big cell phone, which can be put in the pocket of the cardiologist.  It can be used as a portable ultrasound machine, to look directly into the heart, and visualize in real time the movements of the heart chambers and heart valves.  It allows the cardiologist to look into the heart at the bedside, and to directly visualize any valvular or wall motion defects of the heart.
    If the cardiologist suspects a problem, the patient can be sent for a more specificl, higher quality ultrasound in the radiology department.  But the VScan affords the cardiologist to avoid any unnecessary ultrasounds, and is a great, quick screening test for suspected pathology.

    Here is a video which shows how the Vscan works:

    The Visi Mobile

    The ViSi Mobile is a wrist worn device, a bit larger than a watch, who has the ability of obtaining vital signs, pulse oxygenation, as well as doing a 5 lead EKG. All the date can be read remotely by the cardiologist in real time, wirelessly. This medical gadget was recently approved by the FDA for non-ICU, CCU areas of the hospital in August 2012. It is just a matter of time, before it received the ground-shaking approval for home healthcare use. See the following video, which explicitly explains this useful device

    iRhythm Device

    The iRhythm is a device which is poised, essentially, to take the place of the Holter monitor.  It is a lightweight gadget, which attatches to the chest of the patient, and keeps a continuous heart rhythm, and records it. The differerence between this device and the Holter, is that one can check the rhythm remotely, to check on it, by the usual wireless means.
    The iRhythm Device


    This is a small device which is implanted into the heart, and allows for vital cardiodyamic readings to be wirelessly transmitted to the cardiologist in real time, to more effectively treat the patient with CHF.

    The following video explains it purpose.


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