It is a fairly conservative cardiac blog community out there, when compared with, say, anesthesiology, and Emergency Medicine. But there is many fine, information blogs, and many blogs which advise dietary ways to good cardiac health.


A leading cardiology blog, by Dr. Wes, from Chicago, been blogging since 2005

Another electrophysiologist blogger, from Louisville, Kentucky, John Mandrola MD.  He also has an active Facebook page. and Twitter page, and seems very active with a program called Hootsuite.  He seems to be on the edge of Internet Medicine, so this is probably a good program, and needs research.


Prize-winning blog, 2010 Medical Weblog, written by cardiologist, Dr. Fogoros, but covers general  healthcare topics; has written a book on healthcare,

Fixing American Healthcare – Wonkonians, Gekkonians, and the Grand Unification Theory of Healthcare


Author of ground-breaking book, “The Creative Destruction of Medicine, writes this blog about internet medicine and cardiology


Great blog by Lawrence Creswelll MD, a heart surgeon, from Jackson, Mississippi,  who is an avid triathlete.  Also has a website, which is aimed at the healthy way for a triathlete to train.  Also has a forum off this site.

He is an Internet Medicine All-Star, a person who supremely leverages the internet to improve healthcare


Serious, political cardiologists, co-authors, write this


One stop source for cardiology news and Links


Very official, invasive heart procedure specialist


Dr. Portnay comments on a lot of cardiac studies


Ask Dr.T.  Free cardiac advice, from an expert in the field.  Really, free!

Info-packed health website, this section concentrates on the heart, from one of the finest institutions of learning, but cannot beat Brown


Definitive List of Cardiology Books




  1. Heart has major functionality in the body which keeps flow and purification of blood to all parts of the body. It is very sensitive than after the brain. We suggest to patients and even to healthy people to have proper diet and exercise to keep your body active and fit.

  2. Vikas Saini says:

    Very Help full blog

  3. Renee says:

    I am a 38 year old woman who has often considered herself to be relatively healthy. A few months ago I went to the doctor for blood work since I had not had it done in years. Everything came back okay. I had been fatigued and a little winded going up and down stairs, so she set me up with an echocardiogram. When I returned to the the doctor, she said my heart and heart function were fine, but it said mild pulmonary hypertension noted, so I had to go to a cardiologist. She really downplayed it and when I got home, I read the horror stories about pulmonary hypertension and became very scared. The cardiologist she wanted me to see had a month waiting period…a friend of mine knew a cardiologist so I went to see him. He said my systolic pressure was 37, and he said it was not that uncommon to see this in my age group so he set me up with a repeat echo in 3 months to check the lung pressure. Since I already had the other cardiologist appointment, I went to that too for a second opinion. He had requested a chest scan, which was normal. He wanted me to come back for a repeat echo in 6 months, but he also set me up with the pulmonary function test, which I took today. Both cardiologists didn’t seem to think I had pulmonary hypertension, but the possible results of the PFT concern me.
    Because I was so nervous, I did not ask all of the questions I have.
    How uncommon is a 37 for pulmonary pressure on an echo?
    The doctor wants to repeat the echo in several months. If it is still in the 30s, will I have to have a heart cath?
    Can a person remain fairly healthy (as she ages) if the pressure remains in the 30s? One cardiologist acted like it was not that uncommon for my age and would just be monitored
    What happens if it rises?
    Any insight you have will be appreciated. Thanks so much!

    • admin says:

      Hello Renee:

      These are questions of your pesonal healthcare cannot be given by us on the net. I suggest you see another doctor, and good luck.

      john bennett md

  4. David Ramsey says:

    Thanks for sharing the Cardiology community information! We know that heart is the primary section, it is refines, purifies and sends blood all parts of the body.

  5. Robert Jones says:

    What a great list. Dr John’s blog in particular has been a favorite of mine for many years. Nice to see it up top where it belongs.

  6. Medixpress says:

    Thanks for sharing blog.

  7. Ravi Gupta says:

    Thanks for sharing the Cardiology …..I recently came across your blog and Articles have been analysis along. I thought I should leave an helpful reception for the article and blog.

  8. John Stark says:

    Nice list of blogs. I didn’t realize there were so many MD blogs out there!

    There is a site made just for patients who are looking for information on heart procedures. It is not comprehensive, but it seems to be coming along just nicely. Thanks for your support!

  9. dr najafi says:


    Thanks for the great article site

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