There has been late-breaking news in December, 2012, about the “Alive Cor” Cariology application being approved by the FDA.  This app, and device, serves to do a valid one lead EKG, and is valid in detecting Atrial Fibrillation, as well as PVC.  See a few reviews by respected electrophysiologists,Westby G. Fisher, MD,  and John Mandrola MD, in their blogs.  Both highly tout this app and device as a screening tool in the field.



-a ground-breaking device/application, which is also covered in the “Cardiology Devices” section.  The system is composed of a case that wraps around the iPhone, and an application who wireless receives the data transmitted by the AliveCor case with its leads.  The date is converted to a one-lead EKG, store, and may be trensmitted to another locale.  Just approve by FDA in December, 2012.

 Some have said that this app is the best, not only in Cardiology, but in all of Medicine


-great visual aid to understanding cardia pathology

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