BIG DATA IN MEDICINE:  We will post here, when we have a Big Data Hangout Starting

We will be starting a “3D Printing Weekly Google Hangout”, starting Thursday January 9, 2014 at 9pm EST. right here!  Thereafter, it will occur same time, same place every Wednesday at 9 pm EST. We will go with the flow, and see how it goes.  We will attempt to procure a host that is passionate about the field of 3d Printing in Medicine, who, ideally, can get relevant medical robotics guest(s) every week, to speak of late-breaking 3d Printing News.  After all, this is the digital medical age, and developments happen very quickly, and we need to harness the power of the internet to saddle this wild horse!
There will be a video screen as well as a Tweet Chat box, so the visitor can comment, and ask questions of the panelists and host.  And you can always post any news on the Hashtag #3dPrintingWeekly.





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