Every Top Ten Medical App List Will be Different!

    Of course, any top ten is totally arbitrary, and eveyone’s list will be different. But the following ten medical applications is a good starting point. Each user must judge how each apps fits a need, and, take into account ease of use and understanding.

    1) Epocrates

    The top-selling medical app, 50% of doctors in the USA use it.  Covers the 3 D’s; Drugs, Disease, and Diagnosis.  A must-have for any physician, and it is FREE.

    2) Skeletal System Pro

    A greatly illustrated program, as good as Frank Netter, but you are dating yourself, if you know who Frank is. The Skeletal System Pro III gives users an in depth look at the skeletal system allowing them to cut, zoom & rotate parts of the skeletal system as well as view animations, create notes, share screenshots and more. It is ideal for students, educators and professionals, and has a fantastic website, with frequent improvement.  Must have.

    Watching the following video this medical application makes you almost want to study Anatomy again!

    3) Mobile MIM

    The Mobile MIM software program is used for the viewing, registration, fusion, and/or display for diagnosis of medical images from the following modalities: SPECT, PET, CT, MRI, X-ray and Ultrasound.

    Provides software for Radiologists to view their patient studies from an iPhone or iPad.

    4) Medical Spanish

    Claro, esta programa es popular porque, in algunos partes del mundo, a conocer espanol, es tan imporanta como anatomia!

     With over 5,000 phrases, Medical Spanish is the most thorough medical Spanish phrasebook for the iPhone or iPod Touch, and is, of course.  Has a feature that allows you to find the best medical phrase possible.  Just added an audio feature.

    5) Blausen Human Atlas

    15 Individual Atlases

    Cancer, Circulatory, Digestive, Ear, Endocrine, Eye, Immune, Muscular, Nervous, Pediatric, Reproductive, Respiratory, Skeletal, Skin and Urinary; all in 3D, and anmiated, and interactive.

    7) Air Strip Patient Monitoring

    This useful application allows for the transmission, in real time, vital information, in waveform, from Obstetric patients, Cardiac patients, and ICU patients.  It transmits vital signs to the doctors, or whomever, iphone and iPad in real time, so that cardiologist, intensivist, or obstetrician, can check on their respective patients from afar.

    8) Dichrono EHR

    A Electronic Health Record, Meaningful Use Certified for Medicare payments. this application is destined to be on all doctors iPhone or iPad, in the future.  It allows for a doctor to put a patients information in the cloud, and, with permission it may be reachable by logging in.   Doctors may quality to receive $44,000 in incentives under the HITECH Act. Learn more by going to website.

    9) OsiriX HD

    This program is for image viewing, in a very clear way, as well as having the option to zoom, as well and manipulate the image. OsiriX MD is cleared by the FDA, as a Class II Medical Device, for diagnostic imaging in medicine, and is expensive software, and used by radiologists.  Security is tight, using hospital servers and passwords to access patient images.

    Osirix is one of the finest radiological (DICOM) image viewers out there, and best of all it is free and open source. Now you can also enjoy that goodness on your iPad, with Osirix HD.  Osirix HD costs $29.99. It can display images from all common imaging modalities, such as ultrasound, CT, MRI or PET scans. It can be used as a complement to the desktop version, can connect to a PACS server to retrieve images over WiFi or 3G. Basic image manipulation can be performed using the common iOS gestures. Not FDA approved, so you are not supposed to use it for clinical diagnoses.

    10) Rx Writer

    A fantastic asset to have for the busy doc, and very, very  simple, and easy to learn.  Many assets;

    Is made for busy docs, does it all, including:

    -Fax prescriptions directly to pharmacies

    -see drug lists by time ordered and indication

    -See exactly what drugs each patient it taking

    -Have the complete FDA database




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