On this page, when one refers to “Labs”, one is  referring to the Lab, or Lab functions, which deals with studies of patients that are sick.  The Lab does NOT refer to Research Labs, which, although playing an increasingly important role in Internet Medicine, we will not concern ourselves here.  The Lab on this page deal with the analysis of various tissues and fluids, of sick people, and the new app tools that are now available to aid in the study of both tissues and fluids.  And, parenthetically, it might be mentioned that portable lab aides, such as the hand-held, portable IStat will play a  more prominent role in the ambulatory, rural, and undeveloped settings of Laboratory Medicine in the years to come, in the field of Microbiology.

  • Application: Chemistry, Biological
  • The look and feel of LabTimer is designed to emulate that of standard lab timers, providing quick access to count-down timers and repeat runs. LabTimer is not just good for the lab, though – it is also convenient for cooking, medication timing, working out, and child timeouts.

GC Calculator App
  • Application: Chemistry
  • Use the Agilent GC pressure and flow rate calculator iPhone™/iPod Touch® app to instantly and accurately determine pressure and flow through open tubular capillary columns. The Agilent GC Calculator app is based on the popular PC version that has been downloaded more than 10,000 times from the Agilent Web site.

Science Mobile

Science Mobile

Application: Chemistry, Environmental, Clinical, Biological

  •  The Science Mobile app lets you:Read summaries, abstracts, and, for subscribers, full-text articles from Science, Science Translational Medicine, and Science Signaling.Share articles, links, and job postings through Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail.• Get the latest news at ScienceNOW.Search job openings and tap other resources at Science Careers.Access the Science weekly podcast and other multimedia.Store content for reading without an Internet connection.

LOG-IC Temperature Monitoring App
  • Application: Chemistry, Environmental, Clinical, Biological, Industrial and more

Bio-Rad Real-Time PCR iPhone Application

Application: Chemistry, Biological

Bio-Rad’s Real-Time PCR iPhone Application is an easy-to-use qPCR resource that includes the qPCR Guide for researchers who want to learn more about designing, analyzing, and optimizing real-time PCR experiments. Two other features are the PCR Doctor, an interactive troubleshooting tool for resolving problems relating to real-time PCR

Application: Chemistry, Environmental, Biological (Fluorescence Microscopy)With Light Lab by Carl Zeiss Microscopy, you have a fully interactive spectra configuration tool for fluorescence microscopy at your hands. You easily check the spectral compatibility for over 500 fluorophores in the Spectra Viewer module, see the efficiencies in the Imaging Simulator, and email the configuration to yourself or others in the lab as pdf. Additionally you have the option to save your lab’s microscopy systems configurations as presets in the Microscope Manager

  • GREAT WEB SITE! Application: Chemistry, Environmental, Clinical, BiologicalThe Cell Alerts iPhone application allows you to keep up to date with articles published in Cell Press research journals.Download the free application to view article, graphical, video, and audio abstracts immediately upon publication.

AACR Publications
  • Application: Cancer Research, Biological

3D Cell Simulation and Stain Tool
  • (taken from the Apple iTunes Store)Application: BiologicalFeatured by Apple as a top 5 higher education app!Top 10 education iPad app!W3 Silver Award Winner!-Create your own cell image-Explore a 3D cell-Get help from our award winning Technical Support Team-Email your image creation to a friend/colleagueLearn about the cell and all its structures using our new 3D Cell tool. Enjoy the ability to rotate the cell 360 degrees and zoom in on any cell structure. Choose from our list of cell structures to learn more about how each structure functions and relates to the other components of the cell. Dive even deeper and create your own stained cell image by using Molecular Probes™ products. There are over 250 image combinations to explore! Once you have created an image you can get help from our tech support team or email the creation to a colleague. This is a great tool for anyone interested in Biology, Biochemistry, or the Life Sciences in general.

Cell Imaging HD
  • Application: Biological

  • Application: Biological

DailyCalcs - Science Calculator
  • Application: Chemistry, Environmental, Biological

  • Application: Biological

Leica DMshare
  • Application: Life Science, Forensic Science, Environmental Research

SlidePath Gateway
  • Application: Clinical Research


  • Application: Chemistry, Biological

Science360 for iPad
  • Application: Chemistry, Environmental, Clinical, Biological
  • Application: Chemistry, Environmental, Clinical, Biological

Period Table
  • Application: Chemistry, Biological

Piezo University
  • Application: Inquire

Promega App
  • Application: Biological

  • Application: Chemistry, Biological, Automation

  • Application: Chemistry, Biological

  • Application: Chemistry

Shimadzu News
  • Application: Chemistry, Environmental, Clinical, Biological

The Aldrich Handbook of Fine

Chemicals for iPad

  • Application: Chemistry

  • Application: Chemistry, Biological

NEJM This Week
  • Application: Biological, Clinical

Pittcon 2012 EventPilot Plus Conference App
  • Application: Chemistry

LC-MS Applications for Food, Beverage and Water Testing
  • Application: Food, Beverage and Water Testing; IS A WIDGET
  • Platforms: Widget

  • Application: Clinical

Waters Part Selector
  • Application: Clinical, Chemistry


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    Check-out this new ELISA plate reader App:

    As smart phone cameras have become incredibly sharp, this first ELISA Plate Reader App aims to capture images of your ELISA plate and interpolate the result from the standard curve, for the fraction of the cost of an ELISA Plate Reader!
    Three easy steps to get to your results:
    1. Snap a picture of your ELISA plate
    2. Drag the targets to indicate the corners of the plate
    3. Let your smart phone interpolate your results!

    Measured performance:
    Accuracy: 99%
    Precision: 2%

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