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The “Blog” Format is certainly condusive to revealing innermost thoughts about the nursing profession, mostly in an anonymous manner. This format allows the nurse to address topics, that may be taboo, or politically incorrect with an associate at work, and, therefore may be more innately revealing. Tough issues are tackled, there is much humor, and almost always interesting to someone who has battled in the nursing trenches.  Let’s be honest, nurses have taken abuse from doctors and patients for ages, and a blog gives time and room to vent.  And, where would the healthcare system be without good nurses?





You know with a blog with this name, it has to be entertaining, and it is
Graphic Artist Nurse Blog

Add a great visual effect to the blogs, to spice it up.

About a Nurse

Award-winning blog

At Your Cervix

Why everyone loves a good nurse

Nurse Turned Writer

This nurse turned Healthcare Writer for Hire

Lost on the Floor

Introspective Male Nurse in Portland, Oregon

Those Emergency Blues

Toronto Emergency Nurse Blog

Drawing on Experience

Comics are art, and newly-graduated Will is an artist.

New Nurse Insanity!

Entertaining and Very Readable

Take a break, here’s an interesting video

Head Nurse


Impacted Nurse

Offbeat, interesting.

Nursing Ideas

A Serious Look at the Nursing Profession Nurse Blogs

Many Blogs, Nurse Info

Crass Pollination

Not so serious views of ER Nurse

Digital Doorway
“Reflections by NurseKeith on nursing, coaching, healthcare, and other flotsam and jetsam.”

Nurse.ORG A large community of nurses that features hospital reviews, nurse stories, guides and more.


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