Is this a Digital Exam, BEFORE computers?


There are numerous free medical apps for iPhones, iPads, and android smartphones which fall into many categories of medical applications.  Following are 20 from the medical application website, www.imedicalapps.com, a website started by superstar  first year Emergency Medicine resident, Iltifat Husain, MD of Wake Forest University, who plans on a further career in Medical Infomatics.

1) Medscape

Medscape from WebMD (medscape.com) is one of the top downloaded medical apps amongst health professionals.  Has the most obscure diseases listed, and super comprehensive.  Also, offers free CME’s to physicians.

 2) Micromedex


“Micromedex is the most reliable, trusted name in evidence-based clinical reference. We lead the industry because of our unmatched editorial process, reliable content, and innovative user-friendly enhancements. And now Micromedex 2.0 has been revamped to make finding evidence-based drug information and clinical answers much faster and easier.

3) New England Journal of Medicine

An App from one of the most trusted, staid journals in Medicine.  But, departing from their staid, conservative roots, the NEJM jumped full-force into the digital revolution with a recently unveiled daily feed, called “First Physician’s Watch“, which is conveniently sent to your email address every morning, with the latest breaking news in the medical world.  Next thing you know, the boe ties come off, as do the Oxford loafers, and it’s boogie time!er players in a group forum if you are stuck on a tough or rare case.





  1. Vidyabhisol says:

    Doctors Aid is designed for doctors who runs an Out patient department (OPD). It is an offline application and it does not require any active internet connection or online registration for using Doctors Aid, just install and start using Doctors Aid without any limitations.
    DOCTORS AID: Access your patient data on the move – Anytime. Anywhere.


  2. Sarafrye says:

    I would like to suggest a free medical app called “Health Memo”. HealthMemo is a smart solution that you can use to upload and maintain your personal health records electronically. Know more here http://healthmemo.in/

  3. Cosmic says:

    There’s a new free app that helps cancer patients and healthcare professionals keep track of treatments, symptoms, appointments, procedures, etc.

    It can be downloaded from the Apple App Store:


  4. eShov says:

    Really interesting post.

    I’d recommend the ‘Tomorrow’s Clinicians’ app, which has been really useful for revising clinical skills procedures like venepuncture, cannulation etc. It has videos which are really good quality and the app has some MCQ functionality built in to it as well. I can’t remember how much it cost but it was minimal and the amount of content it offers is great value for money compared to some of the other I’ve used.

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