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The internet tool of “Blogging” has come slowly come to the medical world.  But gradually,they are getting acceptance, and more use, to reveal sometimes seriously, sometimes humorously, the inner workings of a doctors mind.  Doctor’s blogs according to specialty, are discussed in the “i-Specialty” section, but a brief overview of others follows below.  Every medical community has a “dr blog“, and if you have any others which you find interesting, please note it the the “Comments” secion at the bottom of the page, and we may put it up.

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High quality academic Blogs in many Healthcare Areas from Premier Medical Information Site

Mike Cadogen’s, an Internet Medicine Star, Top Ten Doc Blogs

Also, from Mike’s prolific blog, Life in the Fast Lane, see the huge BLOGROLL of medical blogs

Top 100 Doctor Blogs



Internal Health, Family, and General Practitioners

These are the most commonly seen, in general practice.


a. “Mental Health Musings”: personal blog, genuine, honest look at viewpoints in the life of a South Carolina psychiatrist.

1. Better Health: Reaching approximately 10 million readers, their mission is to support and promote healthcare bloggers, provide insightful and trustworthy commentary, and to inform health policy makers. Read interviews with experts, get health tips, take a tour of Grand Rounds, watch videos, and much more on this blog.


3. FOX News Health Blog: With an impressive list of doctors as contributors, get expert advice without leaving your home on this site. Recent topics include debunking health myths, advice on raising children, and much more.

4. KevinMD: View the healthcare system through the eyes of a primary care provider in the nationally renowned blog. With over 20 thousand readers, Kevin gives expert opinions on everything from ER crowding to unnecessary tests.

5. Ask A Doctor: After a brief registration and reading of the rules, patients can ask doctors questions at no charge. No disease is off limits and you can also read past questions and answers.

6. Andrew Weil, M.D.: This well known doctor regularly appears on “Oprah” and other shows to discuss medicine. Get a wealth of information on healthy aging, an 8 week plan to wellness, a guide on head to toe health, and so much more.

7. Paging Dr. Gupta: Dr. Sanjay Gupta is the chief medical correspondent for CNN. He reports on the latest in medical news, advice for patients, and more.


9. Dr. Val and the Voice of Reason: Dr. Jones gives her take on health, medicine, and the pursuit of happiness. Get information on conditions, healthy living, doctors, hospitals, and more.

10. Dr. Mike Magee’s Blog: Dr. Magee allows real people to discuss their health issues on this blog. Categories include aging, diet, healthcare reform, mental health, and gender focused issues.

11. Emergency and Everyday Medical Advice and Answers: Save a ton of money by staying out of the Emergency Room. Your ER Doc tells you when and when not to make that critical decision, as well as other useful medical advice.


13. Health Blog: “The Wall Street Journal” provides this blog to offer news and analysis on health and the business of health. Recent topics include the swine flu and a bill that would force insurers to charge the same, regardless of gender.

14. Better Health: Each week a professional physician writes about a relevant topic in the healthcare industry. They even have interviews with top doctors, policy makers, and politicians, including Mike Huckabee.


16. Respectful Insolence: This blog contains the ramblings of a surgeon/scientist about medicine, quackery, science, pseudoscience, history, and pseudohistory. A recent post examined the lunacy of the antivaccination movement.

17. The Health Care Blog: One of the most popular blogs in the industry, it is written by several professionals with years of experience in the healthcare industry. With everything you wanted to know about the industry but were afraid to ask, learn how to cut down on doctor’s visits, manage medical bills, and much more on this blog.

18. Science Based Medicine: The editorial staff is composed of several physicians who were alarmed at the rate in which unscientific and pseudoscientific health care ideas have infiltrated medicine at large. Topics include everything from Lyme disease to chiropractors.


20. Quackwatch: Learn how to spot a scam and not lose money in this blog by Dr. Stephen Barrett. This site is a thorough guide on quackery, health fraud, and patients making intelligent decisions.

21. Running a Hospital: Paul Levy is the President and CEO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. He blogs to share his thoughts about hospitals, medicine, and other healthcare issues.

22. Docnotes: Jacob has been blogging since 1999 on health, technology, family medicine, and more. A recent entry dealt with concussions and the decision to wear helmets.

23. Guaranteed Healthcare Blog: With a variety of contributors, this blog is part of the California Nurses Association. Get the latest news, facts, and stories from people looking for more than insurance.

24. In the Pipeline: Derek Lowe has worked for several major pharmaceutical companies since 1989 on drug discovery projects against schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, osteoporosis, and other diseases. He blogs on the latest in medications, as well as scams and what to avoid.

25. Health Care Renewal: With various doctors cosssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssntributing, this blog addresses threats to healthcare’s core values, especially those stemming from the abuse of power. Read the latest reports or even send in your own.

26. Doc Gurley: Dr. Gurley is a board-certified internist physician and graduated from Harvard Medical School. Recent posts include swine flu, depression, and brown fat.

27. PharmaGossip: Jack is an anonymous doctor who blogs on the pharmaceutical industry. Recent posts dealt with Pfizer, Oracle, and taxes.

28. Peter Rost Comments: Peter Rost, M.D., is a former Pfizer Marketing Vice President providing services as a marketing expert, speaker, and writer. Get information on dozens of drugs by name, or much more on pharmaceuticals on this site.

29. The Medical Quack: This anonymous blogger has thousands of posts on the health care industry, many of which are targeted at saving you money. A recent entry dealt with the pros and cons of a single pay insurance system.

30. The Medical Quack: This anonymous blogger has thousands of posts on the health care industry, many of which are targeted at saving you money. A recent entry dealt with the pros and cons of a single pay insurance system.

31. SoloDoc: Read the adventures of this doctor from HMO to solo practice. Get real life stories of patients, medical advice, and more.

32. Dr. Mintz Blog: This doctor is board certified in internal medicine and an associate professor of medicine at an academic medical center on the East Coast. If a medical item has been floating around the news, Dr. Mintz has probably already expressed his professional opinion on it.

33. RangelMD: This doctor is not afraid to show the ugly side of healthcare. Get a frank look at subjects such as reimbursements, nurse practitioners, patient hysteria, and more.

34. In My Humble Opinion: This primary care physician shares thoughts on medicine and life. Jordan gives true life accounts of patients in a straight forward manner.

35. A Happy Hospitalist: This blogger is a board certified internist who chooses to work only in a hospital. Get the real stories on the goings on in hospitals, as well as send in your own questions.

36. Retired Doc’s Thoughts: James has practiced in internal medicine and pulmonary disease. Now retired, he is free to blog about health from a doctor’s point of view.

37. Dr. Hebert’s Medical Gumbo: Michael blogs on internal medicine, pediatrics, and philosophy. A recent entry examined the cause of death for George Washington.

38. Dr. Gwenn Is In: With a focus on children, Dr. Gwenn blogs on children, health, parenting, and everything in between. Get information on medicine, health headlines, or listen to a podcast.

39. Dr. Tapas’ Pediatric Blog: Meant as a resource for parents, you will find views and advice on maintaining a child’s health and normal development. This blog will also explain issues affecting a child’s health and attempt to aid parents in understanding how these issues will affect their children.

40. Healthy Children: Dr. Steven blogs on how to keep your children happy and healthy all year round. From ear infections to depression, this blog centers on child well being, but is also useful for adults.

41. DB’s Medical Rants: Dr. Robert Centor is the Associate Dean for the Huntsville Regional Medical Campus of UASOM and serves as a frequent ward attending at the Birmingham VA Hospital. His blog focuses on commenting or ranting on the latest healthcare news.

42. Scalpel or Sword: This ER doctor from Texas has been blogging since 2006. Get thoughts on proper healthcare, medication, the occasional rant, and more.

43. Denver Doc Online: Get the latest in relevant and bizarre medical research, along with notes from a primary care physician. With many entries on the mind and its matter, weird stuff, and advice for doctors, as well as patients, this site is worth a look.

44. Doctor Pundit: Edited by Dr. Michael Douglas, this a blog about the policy of healthcare. Read the latest moves politicians have made concerning healthcare or listen to an informative podcast.

45. Fat Doctor: This hospital doctor is also battling problems with obesity. Although she blogs about life, there are medical posts, as well, and she discusses recently losing her job.

46. GruntDoc: This marine turned ER doctor has been blogging for seven years. Recent posts deal with the swine flu hysteria.

47. On the Wards: While the posts are authored by a physician, they are intended for both clinicians and the general public. Get new and interesting information on health, along with Grand Rounds and more.

48. Polite Dissent: Scott served as a physician in the US Air Force for four years at Nellis Air Force Base. In addition to medicine, he blogs about comics, television, and fun.

49. Doc of Ages: This self described aging female internist keeps you in the know on the latest in medical advances to help you navigate through middle-age and beyond. Recent posts include how to deal with the flu and why you should throw away those old towels.

50. Doc of Ages: This self described aging female internist keeps you in the know on the latest in medical advances to help you navigate through middle-age and beyond. Recent posts include how to deal with the flu and why you should throw away those old towels.

51. World Health Care Blog: Professionals in the medical industry discuss innovations in healthcare. A recent article speculated on what the healthcare system would look like in 2020.

52. Musings of a Dinosaur: This blogger believes that the family doctor is going the way of the dinosaur. Before that happens he shares the trials and tribulations, as well as the joys and triumphs of medicine.

53. M.D.O.D.: This group of doctors blog anonymously and frankly. Make sure to read “The Good Old Days of American Medicine” for a horrifying look at what the future may hold for healthcare.

54. icyou: This site is the source for health videos online. With thousands of videos to choose from, you can get doctor commentary on everything from the most common diseases, to the most rare.

55. icyou: This site is the source for health videos online. With thousands of videos to choose from, you can get doctor commentary on everything from the most common diseases, to the most rare.

56. Dr. Paul’s Channel: Dr. Paul has been caring for children since 1995 and has dedicated his career to teaching parents worldwide about child health and wellness. This channel features videos such as bathing, home safety, and preventing choking.

57. JNJ Health: Doctors and patients post videos on a variety of health related topics. Playlists include obesity, ADHD, and raising safe children.

58. CDC Streaming Health: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offer expert advice from doctors and others on a variety of health topics. Learn how to spot diseases, along with how to prevent them.

59. Dr. Jenn’s Den: This video blog is an open and honest resource for healthy sex, intimacy, and relationships. With over a hundred episodes, Dr. Jenn has the answers to your intimate health questions.

60. Oral Health Resource: This blog responds to the needs of families in addressing current and emerging oral health issues. It gives information on resources and recommendations for getting the best in dental care.

61. Healthy Child’s Channel: This video blog is dedicated to protecting the health and well-being of children from harmful environmental exposures. Parents can learn how to make responsible decisions, everyday choices, and lifestyle improvements to create healthy environments where children and families can flourish.

62. Doctor Anonymous Show: This series of podcasts focuses on current health news topics. There are 94 shows and counting and there is even a “Night Shift” show with more information.

63. QuackCasts: Although currently experiencing server issues, this series of podcasts is worth a look for its warnings on medical related scams. Episode topics include immune system boosters and acupuncture.

64. Alzheimer’s: This series of 22 videos discusses everything about the disease from patient experience, to doctor’s advice, to the search for a cure.

65. Eye on FDA: This collection of video playlists covers a variety of healthcare topics. Subjects covered range from AIDS to oncology.

66. Oncology: Doctors, as well as patients, talk about cancer in these 53 videos. Get survivor stories, information on colon cancer, red wine as a treatment, and more.

67. NIH4Health: The National Institutes of Health conducts medical research and releases it in this series of videos. Get information on cancer treatments, healthy living, and more.

68. The Doctor’s Channel: Intended to be of service to doctors, patients will also find tons of useful information as well. Get videos for everything from allergies to urology.

69. MD Anderson Cancer Center: Located in Houston, this hospital is a leader in cancer treatment and offers 59 videos. You can get stories from patients, survivors, and doctors.

Mental Health Blogs

These blogs deal with the diseases of the mind and how they can be just as devastating as any other illness.

70. The Carlat Psychiatry Blog: Dr. Carlat is a psychiatrist in private practice in Newburyport, Massachusetts. He blogs about the search for honesty in medical education and links to his popular report on psychiatry.

71. Bipolar Beat: Written by Dr. Fink and Dr. Kraynak, this blog contains a great deal of information on the symptoms, causes, and treatments for bipolar disorder. Also of note is the section that allows patients and families to ask questions.

72. Rebel Doctor: This blogger is a board certified psychiatrist, sleep specialist, and internist. Get the latest in mental health news, followed by an expert opinion.

73. Help With Out Of Control Kids: Dr. Ray Levy runs this blog for parents with out of control children. Categories include kids with strong wills, high maintenance, explosive temperaments, or more serious conditions.

74. World of Psychology: Psych Central brings you this blog, regularly posted on by various mental health physicians. In addition to the blog, you can get information on disorders, the latest news, and even take a quiz.

75. The Way Up: Dr. Stagle’s book “The Way Up From Down,” is available as a free download and shows how to deal with stress, depression, and other disorders. You can also get free information on vitamins, herbs, homeopathics, and other natural products.

76. Bipolar Disorder: Candida Fink specializes in child and adolescent psychiatry, with expertise in autism, pediatric bipolar disorder, and mental health issues in school settings. On this bipolar blog, she posts on affordable medications, symptoms, and the benefits of various treatments.

77. Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry: Medications, science, marketing, psychiatry in general, and occasionally clinical psychology are all discussed in this blog. Learn which new mental health drugs are not all they’re cracked up to be.

78. PsychNotes: This blog contains random thoughts, ideas, and comments about issues related to psychiatry, mental health, and neuroscience. A recent entry examined how the Mediterranean diet could affect your cognitive abilities.

79. Dr. Deb: Dr. Serani is a psychologist specializing in trauma and depression. Recent topics include schizophrenia and fear based diseases.

80. Overcoming Life’s Obstacles: Talia and Nancy run this blog to help those living with mental disorders. Get a great deal of free advice for living with anxiety, depression, stress, and weight loss.

81. One More Bite: A clinical psychologist and published author, Dr. Joy Jacobs provides therapy for those with eating disorders, body image concerns, and weight concerns. Her goal is to help families build active, well balanced lifestyles.

82. Dr. O’Toole’s Blog: Dr. O’Toole is part of the Kartini Clinic for Eating Disorders, who rely on the participation of parents to help achieve remission for their child. This blog discusses the very latest in evidence-based medical techniques, psychopharmacology, psycho-therapeutic methods, and some non-traditional practices.

Niche Blogs

These blogs were written with a certain disease, disorder, or practice in mind.

83. Not Totally Rad: This blog strives to shed light on the practice of invisible imaging. It is ideal for those undergoing an x-ray or radiology treatment.

84. Chirstopher Johnson, M.D.: This pediatrician shows parents how to care for critically ill children. In addition to useful links, he also gives recommendations and contact information.

85. ADHD Medications and Treatments: Although now retired, Dr. Sogn’s blog is still full of information on various medications and treatments for this disease. There are also links to talk with others about ADHD and message boards.

86. ADD ADHD Blog: Dr. Handelman is a child and adolescent psychiatrist who deals with ADHD. The blog’s goal is to provide information relevant to ADD and ADHD, as well as the newest developments.

87. Autism-Change: These two autism pro’s blog about this disease and how to live with it. Be sure to check out there featured posts for a ton of useful information on autism.

88. Healthy Kids Pediatrics Blog: Dr. Deborah Bain is a pediatrician located in Frisco, TX who created this blog to bring a message of health, wellness and prevention to families. Her interests include nutrition, behavioral and developmental problems, and asthma.

89. Neurologica: Dr. Novella brings you a daily fix of neuroscience, skepticism, and critical thinking. Recent posts include alternative looks at homeopathy, stem cells, and the genetics of autism.

90. CancerDoc: Although there hasn’t been a post in a while, cancer patients will enjoy the view from the oncologist’s point. Get stories and opinions from this frank professional.

91. Midwife With a Knife: The life and times of a young old-fashioned obstetrician are discussed on this blog. While blogging about her life, readers can also find entries on healthcare reform, service, psychiatry, and more.

92. Dr. Wes: Dr. Fisher is a cardiologist, cardiac electrophysiologist, and internist practicing at NorthShore University HealthSystem. Get the latest in treatments such as Plavix and pump inhibitors and more on this blog.

93. Emergiblog: This ER nurse is from San Francisco and blogs about her profession. Get a real look at nursing, as well as stories from real patients.

94. Pallimed: Two doctors edit this blog focusing on hospices. Get the latest hospice information, including medication information and FDA policies.

95. Geriatrics: Part of “Modern Medicine,” this blog focuses on care for the elderly. Get the latest in related topics, such as Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and more.

96. Saying No To Vaccines: Dr Sherri Tenpenny is a leading physician on vaccine health located Cleveland, Ohio. She reports on the studies which examine the possible link between vaccinations and harmful diseases.

97. Pulmonary Roundtable:This blog is a discussion of interesting or befuddling cases related to pulmonary and critical care medicine. Those who have unique cardiac issues might find the answers to their questions here.

98. Sleep Doctor: Have trouble falling asleep or staying there? Then visit this site for the latest in treatments, commentary, and more.

99. oncRN: This blog is run by an oncology nurse who blogs about the wonders and horrors of her profession. It is of note that on the same page you can read an entry about the death of a patient along and the next is about the birth of a new life.

100. Kitchen Table Medicine: This blog is written by three medical professionals who give a ton of advice on living healthy using the items found in your kitchen. Get recipes, cheap allergy food buying guides, herbal medicine information, and much, much more on this useful and informative site.

101. TDWI: The Doctor Weighs In: By a doctor that likes to think, read, travel, speak, and writes a helluva blog.

102. Doctor Grumpy in the House: Just as entertaining as the title;  looks at the light side of medicine and life, in general

102. Cadeuceus Blog: Hilarious from Michigan doc

103. The Singing Pediatrician: Blog of Board-Certified Pediatrian who sings!  Mostly musical themes about pediatric problems, in verse, no less.  When is the last time you saw a music video about Constipation, or Scabies?

104.   ZDoggMD: blog of a rapping doctor, from Stanford, who also does standup comedy.  As Dr. Josh, never heard or seen a rap music video about Clostridium difficile diarhrea!

105) Dr. Shock: pyschiatris, interesting, cerebral, more than medicine

106) The Singing Pathologist: Ok, not a blog, but when was the last time you heard the words “tumor”, or “arachnoid” in a catchy tune?

107) The Philosopher Doc: Indian doctor, who is the known doctor, that does Philosophy as a hobby!  Specializes in the treasured Bhagavid Gita.    Also, an avid CME teacher.



108) Wayfarinmd: great pictures, light hearted Family Doc; very very  popular



109) Wise Quacks: 10 Best Ways to Have a Heart Attack: Need we say more?




110) Gomer Blog: America’s Finest Medical News Satire




111) Gregsmithmd: Mental Health Musings

112) MD Whistleblower


11) A Country Doc 

-Notes from a doctor with a laptop, a housecall bag and a fountain pen




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