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State of the Art, ICU Monitor.  Now monitors possess wireless, mobile connectivity to any device, so anethesiologist can check ICU patients remotely, as well as monitor, from the comfort and convenience of an iPad or iPhone, multiple OR patients, so that the anesthesiologist is keeping tabs of the all-important parameters of all his patients remotely.  At times anesthesiologist are responsible for many patients in the OR suites, so it is helpful to be able to monitor them from an iPad.


 BlueTooth enabled: Wireless stethoscope to listen to heart during surgery


AIM 3D Needle Placement Software from InnerOptic


InnerOptic Technology (Hillsborough, NC) received FDA 510(k) clearance to bring to market its AIM software for ultrasound guided needle placement. AIM takes advantage of electromagnetic tracking to display the locations of the needle and ultrasound transducer on a 3D monitor.

 Inneroptic AIM AIM 3D Needle Placement Software from InnerOptic

The technology can help physicians perform all sorts of image guided procedures including catheterizations, nerve blocks, in vitro fertilizations, tumor ablations and biopsies. The system is also compatible with laparoscopic interventions.

The software is currently compatible with ultrasounds from BK Medical and Aloka, as well as interventional devices from Halt Medical and Microsulis.


-non-invasive cerebral flow monitor


They have “….developed an unparalleled non-invasive platform for measuring both microcirculation blood flow (via Doppler analysis) and localized oxygen saturation (via spectral analysis). Ornim’s patented UTLight™ technology employs the interaction of light and sound to define the measurement volume. This technology is unique among all other commercially available NIRS products, as it provides measurement from a well-defined sample volume (e.g., cortical vasculature) and is mostly unaffected by skin pigment or other patient-specific variables”.


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