3d Printing in Medicine, with Jonathan Miller, and Anderson Ta and John Bennett MD

“The State of 3d Printing in Medicine in  Human Tissue Construction”

3d PRINTING IN MEDICINE: Ali Lenus, and his fellow Guatamalan team, give the story on the construction of a 3d printed hand.  (@3dPrintingWeek)




February 16, 2014: Justin Miller of  Kemactech, a 3dPrinting  Medical Device Company

           January 30, 2014: Jean Manuel Nottias

“3dPrinting in Dentistry”

January 23: Jean Manuel Nottias of www.Vizua3d.com
3dPrinting in Medical Education   
January 16, 2014: Jean-Manuel Nottias of  www.Vizua3d.com
Introduction to 3d Printing
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