• CPR is a very important skill that everybody should consider acquiring. While most people who attend CPR classes do it for professional reasons, there are many occasions where CPR skills may be needed. In this article, we’re going to explore five reasons everyone should consider attending CPR classes and we’re also going to give you a few pointers on where to find great places to learn CPR in your area.

    Life Saving

    The most important factor in CPR is the ability to resuscitate incapacitated patients when needed. The time between a patient suffering a cardiovascular accident and emergency personnel arriving is crucial and being able to keep a patient alive between that time is of capital importance. Knowing that you’ll be able to attend to your loved ones, friends or coworkers in case of emergency will give you a huge boost in confidence.

    Increased Peace of Mind

    Anyone who’s ever taken a CPR class will tell you how they were filled with a sense of pride and peace of mind knowing that they learned a skill that can save lives. Those of us who have elderly parents to attend to or are constantly in high risk environments stand to benefit the most from knowing how to administer CPR.

    It Is a High Demand Skill

    Everyone should consider learning CPR, not only because it saves lives, but because it is being increasingly asked for in a variety of jobs. Whether it’s security, healthcare or daycare, more and more employers require that their employees do a CPR class and get their certification.

    Getting certified early will make it easier to apply for positions and will allow you to get your foot in the door. It also shows preparation. Even though many employers will provide CPR classes to their employees as part of their formation, they will appreciate the added convenience of hiring someone who is already certified.

    Knowing CPR is Empowering

    You never know when the need for someone who knows how to administer CPR will be needed. If you’re a parent, then you may already know how children always find a way to put something in their mouths. Can you imagine how helpless you would feel if something disastrous happened to one of your children and you couldn’t do anything about it?

    One of the most common causes of accidental deaths amongst children aged 5 and under is drowning. As a matter of fact, drownings are the second most common cause of accident death amongst children after car accidents in America. In many instances, there was no one with CPR knowledge present to provide first aid treatment. Make sure you are not caught empty handed.

    It’s Easy and Affordable

    Finding online classes or classes in your area is extremely easy. Furthermore, many organizations are now offering online CPR classes to their clients. However, before you decide to go for online classes, make sure that the provider is certified and that the certification that will be provided is valid.

    I want to get my CPR certification, what’s next?

    If you’re looking for good CPR certification courses in Houston, as an example, the first thing you need to do is assess which type certification you need. Standard certifications are for people who simply need a general formation that will not be used in a healthcare facility. However, if you’re in the healthcare industry, you’ll need to apply for an advanced CPR class.

    Whatever you do, make sure that you get a certification from a professional organization. Before you apply for a job that asks for CPR certification, make sure you know if they recognize certification from the organization you have obtained it from, as some will only accept certification from one specific organization.

    When it comes to the American Red Cross, for example, child and adult classes are compartmentalized. You can choose to go for pediatric care only or adult CPR. You can also learn both in the same class. The American Heart Association, on the other hand, offers AED classes with every course. In addition, they offer the chance to follow part of the course online and pass the final test at one of their training sites. An online class takes approximately 2 hours while the final test lasts about an hour.


    Following a CPR class will fill you with confidence and arm you with a skill that will be valuable for the rest of your life. However, before you decide to enroll, make sure that you choose the best option for your needs and choose a reputable and reliable provider that will be able to provide a qualification that will be useful in your workplace as well as your everyday life.


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