According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, most adults in the U.S. are taking at least one prescription drug, with older people often taking five or more different medications a day in order to manage and treat a range of different health conditions. Even if you have health insurance, prescription drugs can definitely be pricey, and for many people who live on a tight budget, there’s a tough choice to make between feeling better thanks to the help of medication, or saving money to spend on other essentials. But, skipping medication or going without in order to save money can often end up costing more than the drugs themselves, so it’s good to know how you can rein in the cost.

Prescription Vouchers

There are many places where you can get money-off vouchers or discounts for a wide range of prescription drugs. For example, the prescription discount offered by Medication Discount Card can save you from 10-84% on a wide range of popular prescription drugs regardless of your current health, making the cost much more affordable and easier to manage. The discount comes in the form of a card, and there’s no fee, either – you can simply download and print your discount card or request one in the mail at their website. Once you’ve got your card, it won’t expire, allowing lifelong savings.

Tell Your Doctor

Most people probably don’t like the idea of confiding in their doctor that they are a little strapped for cash, but most health professionals will actually prefer it if you let them know as it enables them to help you out. One in five prescriptions which are written are never filled due to cost, which doctors are trying to reduce. By letting your doctor know that you’re struggling to afford the cost of your meds, he/she will be able to work with you in order to come to a better solution.

Preventative Care

Thanks to the Affordable Healthcare Act, it’s now possible for almost everybody to take advantage of a range of free, preventative healthcare screenings and check-ups. Using these services, such as mammograms, vaccines, and other tests, can help you to catch any potential warning signs of illness as early as possible, which will make the problem easier to deal with and cure. This will help you to avoid taking multiple prescription medications in the future, and you’ll also feel much healthier overall!

Generic Drugs

Another way to help reduce the cost of prescription medication is to speak to your doctor about prescribing you non-branded drugs. Branded drugs always tend to cost more, however, there are plenty of generic versions of the most popular prescription drugs for a range of health conditions which are not only cheaper, but will treat your health conditions in exactly the same way. Opting for these drugs, rather than the branded ones, can definitely be a good way to save money without risking your health.

Prescription drugs are not cheap, but thankfully there are many ways to save money on medication without having to stop taking it.


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