April 17, 2014
Invisibility cloaks, bulletproof suits and cancer cures, we enter the minuscule world of nanotechnology with these 10 awesome facts.

10) Scientists are using nanotechnology to create an invisibility cloak

-nano-tube sheets at extreme temperatures cause light to bend away from objects that “disappear”

9) Bulletproof suits made from Carbon Nano-tubes cost $20,000

-they are stab-resistant, stop 9 mm rounds, and have to be cut into shape using a saw

8) Mice injected with nanomaterials have regained the ability to use paralyzed limbs

-nanofibers stimulate the body to regenerate lost or damaged cells

7) Energy from heartbeats and tapping fingers can be harnessed by nanotech

-once built into fabrics, our clothes will be able to recharge portable devices

6) Damascus steel is over 1000 years old and contains carbon nanotubes

-blades made from it, could supposedly cut through stone or metal; how to make it remains unknown

5) Gray Goo is a hypothetical scenario resulting from the creation of nanorobots

-the nanorobots would consume all matter on earth as they self-replicated, causing an apocalypse

4) Nanoparticles used in household goods could prove damaging

-studies on fish have found that the particles can kill nerve cells and cause holes to develop in the brain

3) Made from Millions of carbon nanotubes,  BuckyPaper is 10x lighter and 250x stronger that steel

-created by accident in an attempt to recreate conditions in which stars exist

2) Geckos’ toes have nano-sized hairs that fuse them to smooth surfaces

-scientists hope to use this ability to create search and rescue bots that can scale smooth buildings

1) Nanotechnology could provide a side-effect free cancer cure

-nanotech-coated treatments will guide drugs to harmful cancer cells, while ignoring healthy cells



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