Medical Transcription is a professional service that enables hospitals and individual physicians save a lot of time, as well as, increase efficiency when rendering care to patients. It is a very complex task and requires the expertise of trained transcriptionists who can convert scribbled notes into structured documents. For a long time, health providers shied away from the medical transcription service in an attempt to save cost. However, the requirement of the healthcare industry has changed with time. Today, the medical transcription is a sought-after service because of the quick turnaround time and the accuracy of the transcribed documents.

Maintaining the health record of patients in a proper format and accuracy is essential. Whenever a patient re-visits a hospital, these documents are referred to, so as to check his or her health history. Even if a physician examines a patient for the first time, the former is aware of his/her health conditions, allergies or any other health detail by just looking at the transcribed medical records. Such records can be crucial for the further treatment of patients, and so need to be created and maintained with accuracy.

Given the importance of medical notes and documents, transcription tasks require a high level of dexterity and precision. Medical staffs – nurses, physicians, doctors – are mostly over-worked, considering the dynamic nature of the health care delivery system. Moreover, the core competency of a hospital or a nursing home is to render quality health service to the patients, rather than spending time and resources to transcribe endless amount of data and documents. Here’s when professional agencies like Eyered, which offer a dedicated medical transcription service become relevant.

Accuracy & Quality of Service is the Mainstay of Medical Transcription

Agencies that offer the medical transcription service have the requisite infrastructure and the backing of a team of experienced transcriptionists. They make sure that all patient details, surgery notes, lab reports or any other form of patient-doctor communication are carefully documented.

Medical transcription is a very competitive field, and agencies adhere to the highest standard in a bid to maintain the quality and reliability of their service. In return, hospitals and physicians get benefited from this competitive spirit and enjoy the assurance of accurate and error-free transcribed files. They instead focus on rendering top-notch medical service to new patients, after care treatment, etc.

Medical Transcription is more reliable than Voice Recognition Software

Many physicians and doctors have started recording patient details via voice recognition software. Some believe that this has eliminated the need for professional transcriptionists. However, this assumption is not entirely true. Although, the voice recognition software is intricate, one cannot fully rely on it for 100 percent accuracy. In this case, the physician or medical staff will have to proof read the document, which can be time consuming and sometimes even interfere with their core work. On the other hand, medical transcription agencies do a series of quality check before the final reports are transmitted back to the physician or the hospital.

The key to simplified documentation lies with those medical transcriptionists who have a proven track record of quality work. Cost is another parameter that needs to be considered. As stated earlier, the field of medical transcription is very competitive. Owing to the competitive environment, transcription agencies offer a very affordable rate for their service, sometimes as low as 6 cents per line.

However, the biggest advantage of outsourcing the medical transcription service is a quick turnaround time. Transcription agencies can be located in different time zones. For instance, if you transfer the raw data via email, cloud or EMR/HER system to the transcription agency before calling it a day, the transcription team that is situated in a different time zone is expected to start working immediately to turn around with the transcribed data within 12 hours. Thankfully, transcription agencies are used to of working odd hours to meet the turnaround time deadline. The timely delivery of work from transcription agencies increases the productivity and efficiency of physicians and therapists in taking care of their patient’s health.


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