August, 2016

After losing part of his arm to cancer, doctors outfit Johnny, a self-described “hillbilly” from West Virginia, with one of the world’s most advanced robotic arms. Johnny is able to control his new arm with his mind, giving him a level of motor control impossible until now.

The Real Bionic Man – Superhuman from Freethink on Vimeo.

Superhuman is a Freethink original series about the amazing advances in medical innovation that are making the present look more like a sci-fi depiction of the future. Join us as we meet the engineers, entrepreneurs, doctors and patients who are giving people a new lease on life today, while building our superhuman future of tomorrow. Watch the rest of the series at freethinkmedia.com/shows/superhuman/.

See the Hangout we had with Johnny, on our affiliate web station, Medgadget TV


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