Most expert nutritionists and fitness experts usually recommend that you lose weight slowly. But there are times when you need to lose a couple of pounds quickly for an event or to meet a particular weight target. This requires you to take a few steps to lose weight fast by boosting your metabolism and burning calories quickly. Here some proven methods that can help you to accomplish rapid weight loss.

Drink Water and Green Tea
Water is an excellent drink for slimming down. Unlike beer, fruit smoothies, and energy drinks that contain at least 100 calories with carbohydrates and sodium, water has no carbohydrates, calories or sodium, which makes your body retain water. Interestingly, taking plain water helps to eliminate excess water weight and boost your metabolism. In addition, you can take lime water or even drink green tea. Green tea has metabolism-boosting antioxidants that can help you to burn about 70 calories every 24 hours.

Avoid White Carbohydrate Sources
If you stop eating all white grain products like white rice, pasta and white bread, you will slim down rapidly. The simple carbohydrates in these processed foods can cause accumulation of fat around your belly. Your body digests these foods rapidly and they cause you to become hungry and crave for more food. So instead of eating any white carbohydrates, eat vegetables like beans and leafy vegetables that will digest at a slower pace and keep you full for a longer time.

Use Healthy Fat Burners
For rapid weight loss, you will need to use proven fat burning supplements. These thermogenic fat burners are made from natural ingredients like garcinia cambogia, citrus aurantium, guarana extract, and green tea. These fat burners raise your body’s temperature slightly and increase your body’s capacity to burn calories to produce energy. Consequently, less fat will be stored in your body. Some of the ingredients like garcinia cambogia also help to suppress appetite and increase the rate at which your body burns fat to produce energy.

Visit the Gym for a Cardio Workout
Boosting your heart rate through cardiovascular exercise will help your body to burn more calories. Although you can do simple cardio exercises at home, the best place to do your cardio workout is in the gym. Why? At the gym you will be able to do cardio routines that will engage multiple muscle groups at the same time. Thus, you will burn more calories faster. For instance, boot camp workouts, cardio kick-boxing or spinning will enable you burn about 250 calories and also help you to develop a stronger and more attractive body shape.

Take Coffee Before Your Exercise
Studies have shown that taking a cup of coffee with skim milk can help you to burn calories without pushing yourself harder. The caffeine in coffee will make you more productive and energise your workout. Taking coffee about an hour before your exercise can serve as energy booster without adding unnecessary calories. It helps your brain and nervous system to coordinate your muscles more effectively so you will be able to do your workout with less effort.

When you need to lose weight fast, applying the tips and ideas provided here will enable you to shed several pounds each week. Then you will be able to achieve your short-term weight target without much strain.


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