While a great amount of women opt for breast augmentation, recent trends have shown that not all of them are satisfied with the procedure. There’s no doubt that there is an increased self-esteem and confidence among patients, but eventually, this positive mindset is often replaced with something opposite.

Where does it all go wrong?

Firstly, it all comes down to the looks. Perception and satisfaction are two things that are never constant when it comes to breast implants. What looks good today, might look devastating four years from now. To add to this subtle factor, there are chances of discomfort as and when your body changes. Suppose you decide to lose weight – you’ll end up with implants that are an overkill for your body frame. Most unfortunately, they’ll seem like a burden overtime rather than something you can be proud of.

Another contributing factor is the high amount of care required to maintain these implants. Failure to adequately care for your implants directly results in infections and internal bleeding. Many women have run into health risks purely because of inferior quality implants – something that is rampant in the cosmetic industry.
Lastly, acute health disorders such as capsular contracture (a case wherein the immune system of the body reacts in an unfavourable way due to the presence of foreign substances) and breast cancer are compelling women to get rid of those implants for good. For future prospects, the question has boiled down to the credibility and unpredictable outcomes of the procedure itself.
Having your breast implants removed is certainly a bold step, considering costs and the recovery time involved. However, it’s always worth it in light of better health and comfort.

How do I get fit again?

With all those procedures that you’ve been through, it’s only natural for your body to be out of shape. The good news is, you can always get back to being fit again. A steady combination of good exercise and a healthy diet should see you though. If you’re someone who wants quick results, there’s always liposuction.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure used to remove localised fat deposits in different parts of the body. Although this technique in no way constitutes as an effective treatment for obesity, it is an excellent procedure that can produce guaranteed fat reduction results if it is performed by a reputable surgeon.

It also brings around hope for women who desire larger breasts but don’t like the idea of implants. Autologous fat transfer is an emerging science in the cosmetics industry today. The treatment is fairly simple. Extra fat from your abdomen is extracted through liposuction and then transferred into your breasts – making breast augmentation a completely natural process. No more discomfort, no more complications.

Liposuction costs

The total cost of the procedure will greatly vary according to the amount of fat to be removed and your body type. However, abdominal liposuction cost can range anywhere between $3000 and $3500. Similarly, a procedure on the buttocks region could cost you $2000 – $2500. But ultimately, exact liposuction costs usually fluctuate according to your region, clinic and the extent of the treatment. These procedures are surely worth it as they offer great solutions with a single intervention.



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