Beverages for Arthritis Sufferers: Drinking the Pain Away the Right Way

Even mild arthritis can be crippling. While it may not actually be painful, it can discourage walking or other movement by making such activity uncomfortable. The less you indulge in physical exercise, the less healthy the joints become, and the more weight you put on. It only makes arthritis worse.

If you’re in such a spiral, there’s one important move that you can make to help the situation — you can try natural health beverages rich in ingredients that fight arthritic pain. There are a number of ideas that you can get started on for immediate relief.

Green tea

From the government-funded labs of China to universities in Europe and America, green tea, with its surprising host of health benefits, is one of the most researched beverages on earth. From obesity to cancer and arthritis, the antioxidants in green tea come with health benefits that are almost magical for their power.

Of all the different kinds of tea available to the everyday consumer, the green, uncured variety with its epigallocatechin 3-gallate antioxidant content, is the most beneficial. This particular antioxidant has been found to be at least one hundred times as powerful as the vitamins E and C, in its effect on bone and cartilage health. When you choose culinary grade green tea (such as this product from Kiss Me Organics), it’s possible to add it to a number of recipes. Simple, brewed green tea, however, can be the most enjoyable form in which to try the herb.

Almond milk

Weight loss can be very helpful to those who experience arthritic stiffness and pain, by itself. The less the stress that the joints go through, the less wear there is on them. While regular skim milk is a good idea for smoothies and other weight loss beverage recipes, it may not satisfy as much as regular, whole fat milk. This is where almond milk comes in. It can be as pleasing to use as heavy, regular milk, and it goes light on the calories, as well. The fact that it is rich in calcium helps too (it’s important for bone repair activity), and its vitamin E helps with joint inflammation. Almond milk is an excellent alternative to regular milk for tea, coffee, or cereal.

Add ginger to everything

Ginger, the root spice with a unique, powerful flavor, is an excellent anti-inflammatory. Some studies have proven that the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger are as powerful as those seen in the steroidal medications prescribed to patients.

Ginger is a wonderful taste enhancer once you get used to it, and can add flavor to many otherwise bland beverages, as well as many recipes. Ginger tea, which you make by boiling a teaspoonful of grated ginger in water, is a wonderful pick-me-up, as well. There are all kinds of ways to enhance your tea, too — mint, lemon and honey are a good way to start.

Stuff yourself with berries of every description

Blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, strawberries and raspberries are well-known for their ability to tame arthritic pain. Their beneficial effects come from their proanthocyanidin content. These are excellent antioxidants. These help by toning down the body’s levels of CRP blood proteins, substances that are known to aggravate inflammation.

You can add berries to all kinds of shakes and smoothies. You want to make sure that you use non-fattening recipes, however. Almond milk can make a great replacement for regular milk, and you can depend on these berries for the sweetness that you need.

Your joints appreciate a drink, too

Red wine is rich in a number of antioxidants. The resveratrol and anthocyanin that red wine contains, do a lot to help heal inflamed joint tissue. As enjoyable a form of treatment as a glass of red wine a day can be, however, it’s important to remember that alcohol  addicts. If you tend to have trouble containing your enthusiasm for alcohol, you need to look elsewhere.

Finally, there is always water

While most people wouldn’t view water as a health tonic or beverage, it does have excellent effects on joint inflammation. Unsurprisingly, water is an important lubrication requirement. It can also be filling, an effect that helps tame the appetite. You don’t want to waste money on enhanced waters, however. If you do like the flavor, you can easily put a few drops of fruit juice into every glass of water that you drink.

Scarlett Chapman takes an interest in natural health and always tries to cure an ailment using things she has on hand such as vegetables and spices before hitting the pharmacy. She shares her findings online through social media as well as her written articles.


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