by John Bennett MD

Professor John Giannios, President at International Academy of Precision Medicine and Oncology,  will present “PRECISION CANCER MEDICINE IN THE POSTGENOMIC ERAS” TODAY at 4 pm EST, 9 PM CET on our affilate station, www.Oncopedia.TV

John has a BSc(Biol),BSc(Chem),CertGCP(London),PGCertTMed(Edinburgh), PGDiplTMed(Edinburgh),MScTMed(Edinburgh),cDFMS(Glasgow),cDSc,M/D Prof (London) in Translational Cancer Medicine with 3 postgraduate degrees earned with Distinction from the Med School of Univ of Edinburgh..He is the pres and chief-editor of the Hellenic and International Society of Molecular and Genomic Medicine & Res and he is the pres of the Int Assoc of Pers Perioperative Medicine and Laser,Robotic and Genomic Nanosurgery




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