A motor is something like a machine or a machine used to supply motive power, especially in engines. Motors are powered by electricity. An actuator is also a machine but a combination of devices that is used to move and control systems. For an individual to get the effectiveness of an actuator, one has to select 12v actuator.

The improvement of motors and actuators medical devices has been triggered by various factors which include; heat generation, mobility, the speed of operation, its power source, the size of the device and, its means of measuring systems. Companies like medical and bioresearch concentrate a lot on improving the efficiency of these devices at a low cost regarding technology. An example of such devices that has been developed technologically is the high-speed laser scanning. It is preferred to due to its wide field of application and its efficiency.


The piezoelectric actuator is an actuator which has been improved. This actuator is used in the production mechanical energy in response to electric signals. In the past few days, the actuator used to produce a lower frequency compared to the present piezoelectric actuator. This has increased its efficiency in a positive deviation.

One of its application is in the technology for motion control which is highly needed in the world of medicine. Here are the examples of conventional models that used in medical device applications; piezo stepping motors, used in the accumulation of small controllable steps due to its unlimited motion range power. The second one is the simple piezo actuator which expands according to voltage. Motion is according to the drive voltage. The very last one is the flexure-guided piezo actuator. It has frictionless flexures, and this has enabled its action to amplify bringing about a long travel and straight motion.


The improvement of medical equipment performance has helped because high force generation supports miniaturization, it has enhanced accuracy, and the acceleration is also faster than before. There is also no magnetic field involved in medical applications. In addition, no heat is generated, maintaining the devices are simpler and the power generation has been improved.

In conclusion, the improvement of motors and actuators medical devices has helped in that many lives are saved through the help of technology. The continuation of the development of these devices will give way to a growing number of medical applications. The only feared effect of improved medical devices is that it will push the physical disadvantages of electromagnetic drive systems.

A piezoelectric microscope device (Z-motor) provides 10√ó faster response and resolution than classical motor-driven units.


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